Smart Men Leave
Dumb Men Stay

Are you living the way you want? Smart men leave whatever bad situation they are in. They don't fall for the lies that say you have to finish what you start, or you don't want to be a quitter or you married her and marriage is forever.

The best way to maintain your freedom is to be ready and willing to leave whatever you are involved in.

Conversely, you cannot be free if you are stuck doing something without any way to leave.

I am always talking down about the military. I do admire the courage of soldiers but I am mostly against the leaders of the military who get us into pointless wars, spend massive amounts of our money and get young men to believe that being a hired killer is an honorable profession.

But aside from all that, what I hate about the military is that you cannot just quit once you are in. You have to serve out your contract or time or whatever it is that they call it.

How can you be free if you cannot leave? You can't. You are not free. You are basically a slave for the time you signed up for. That is the hardest thing about it. You are signing up to be a slave. You were not even captured. You willingly signed up.

The pressure to sign up is enormous. The propaganda is everywhere, ever present and non-stop. You can easily fall prey to it. It sounds so good. They will pay you to get in shape. They will pay you to travel the world. They will pay your training. They will pay for your schooling.

It is hard to resist. I almost signed up myself years ago. I almost fell for their seductions. I nearly signed up for ROTC in college, but by some miracle of right thinking, I resisted.

But I did fall for the scam of marriage being a good thing for men. It's not.

I have nothing against falling in love and living with a women. It is wonderful.

But once you are married, you are owned by her and owned by others. Your life will not be your own anymore.

Everything you do will be in the context of a husband, a married man. Every time you fill out any type of form, your wife will have to sign it also. You cannot just do. You have to go through her.

It took me 14 years to leave. This was probably at least 5 years of my life that I was conscious of the fact that my marriage was not good.

So I wasted many years of my life, being dumb, being stubborn, believing the lies and thinking other people mattered more than I did.

When I finally woke up to the fact that my life mattered the most to me, I left her, and have not missed one aspect of being with her or being married at all. I have my freedom once again and I am making the most of it. It too me a awhile, but I joined the smart men leave category and have never been happier.

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The classic book by Harry Browne titled How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World may be the the most important book you ever read if you are at all interested in your own freedom. This book will open your eyes to the potential you have within yourself to be free.

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