You Will Not Be Free By ...

You have to think differently than the crowd if you want to be free. You will not be free by:

1) Voting. I used to feel a sense of pride whenever I cast my vote. Now I just feel stupid for wasting my time and thinking my vote matters. Just the standing in line is so maddening and frustrating. You will not be free standing in line and being herded around like animals.

2) Rioting. Maybe there is some satisfaction in burning things and breaking things. But unless you are burning and breaking the things that are the problem, you are a criminal. Plus the police will not be shy in cracking your skull.

3) Using Violence. Again, I know some people will get a lot of satisfaction in using violence. That does not make it right, because it is always wrong. You will not be free by using violence because then you are the one hurting others and restricting their freedom.

4) Joining groups. If I cannot make a lot of progress on something by myself, I will not join groups to do the work. I would rather concentrate on what I can do.

5) Going to meetings. This is kind of like joining groups. Not much seems to get accomplished in meetings except wasting time.

6) Running for office. My definition of someone unfit for office is whoever thinks they should have the job. Just the idea of someone thinking they should have that kind of power over me, makes me sick.

7) Working in a government job. I will admit that I worked for city government years ago. I was a democrat in those days. But it never felt right for some reason. The reason is that the work I was doing was not needed or necessary. I saw the waste and corruption first hand.

8) Moving to Washington D.C. This is the wrong place to be.

9) Being in the military. Joining the military is almost as bad as being in prison. How can you hope to have any freedom at all if most of your time is decided for you and your job is to point your gun at who "they" say you should point it at and kill who they say kill. Then you get shot at, maimed and killed for the privilege of serving the sociopaths in charge. You are not serving your country, you are serving them.

10) Joining or being in anything that it is difficult to get out of it if you find you made a bad choice. Things like college, marriage, long term contracts or the military.

11) Going somewhere without an easy way to leave. I like to be a short distance from my car at all times. I hate the vulnerable feeling of not having my car close at hand.

12) Getting into debt. Excess money is still one of the best freedom tools. Debt directly contradicts excess money because all the future money you are hoping to earn is spoken for already. I like to buy what I want and need with real cash, not credit.

13) Having lots of bills. Having an overly complicated financial life will not make you free. This adds stress to your life. It takes time and lots of money to deal with lots of bills. The more you simplify your financial life, the more free you will be.

14) Being overly committed. Freedom is a function of free time. The more free time you have, the more freedom you will enjoy.

15) Feeling like you have to do something out of guilt. Lose the guilt and you will be more free.

16) Spending lots of time doing things you do not want to do.

17) By being an ass, a bastard and a difficult person o be around. These type of men are the type no one wants to be around or to help if they really need it.

18) By not having any skills or anything of value to offer people that they will willingly pay for.

19) By being dependent on someone or some group or some government for your survival.

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