Keep Your Independence
No Matter What

What is independence?

Can you walk out your door this morning, get in your car and never come back? That is the type of freedom I am talking about.

Do you keep enough resources on you to just go?

The closer you get to this the more independence you will have.

Some of the things you can do to start preparing for this are:

1) Keep your car full of gas. I fill mine up when it gets to half full (not half empty).

2) Keep your car in good repair. I know this is a major expense but you must.

3) Have a larger car or better yet, a pickup truck or sport utility vehicle. A larger vehicle holds more of the stuff you need to survive. Plus you can sleep in it with more comfort and take others with you.

4) Keep basic needs in your car like some water, food, cash, personal items, a change of clothes and blankets.

5) Keep your wallet full of cash and lots of it.

6) Carry a knife. Keep a bigger knife in your car.

7) Keep your main contact information in your wallet.

8) Have your cell phone on you at all times.

9) Keep a cell phone charger in your car.

10) Be able to grab your laptop computer easily when you leave if this is a major part of your life like it is for me.

11) Wear proper clothing at all times.

12) Wear good, comfortable, durable shoes at all times. So many times I see men wearing stupid flip-flops when they are out. How can you run from trouble in flip-flops? How can you walk for miles? How can you do anything but waddle around in flip-flops?

13) Know what you would grab out of your home and make sure you know where those items are. This may include prescriptions, glasses, contacts, money, credit cards, a change of clothes, or at least underwear and any other little thing you can think of that would make your life easier assuming you were not coming back. What else can you do to make sure you can just go? Anything you can think of to make your life one of independence, not dependence.

Is everything up to date in your home? Are all your bills paid? The easiest way is just to pay them the day they arrive. Many people have their bills automatically deducted from their accounts. If some bills can be paid upfront that is better. Can you just contact your landlord by phone while you are miles away and say you have left?

Is there anything in your home you would miss if he threw it out? If your rent is paid up for a few months you will have the flexibility to come and go as you please. Even if you own a home, which is a mistake, if you have paid the bills in advance for a number of months you will be more free. If you own you should always have your house ready to sell. You should be able to call a realtor today and have it for sale tomorrow.

There should be no major problems. There should be no clutter and your house should be fairly clean at all times.

The ability to just leave is so empowering. You have the options of freedom in where you live. The stress associated with owning a home will be nonexistent. If you do own, if your home is always ready to sell you do have options. If you have cash available to pay the mortgage for a few months you will be able to live somewhere else and pay your bills while you are selling.

Independent living also means to avoid the legal entanglement of marriage. Once the state steps into your relationship you lose a tremendous amount of freedom. Never get married. Living together independently is far better. You want your woman to be on her own with you. Never own anything together. No homes, cars, boats. No credit cards, insurance policies, utility bills, discount cards, cell phone plans, nothing.

I did learn this rule the hard way. I did not do this at all and it is taking me years to work out of the mess of being married.

You own your things. She owns her things.In the short run you will pay more for all this. There is a discount on multiple people on the same plans. But in the long run when you split up there is nothing extra to do. You just have her leave or you leave.

Everyone makes it extremely difficult for you to leave. That should tell you something as to how important it is to prepare in this way and to develop the mindset that you could do it if you had to.

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