You Were Rich
And Now You Aren't

You can't look at the loss of money as a bad thing. If you were rich and now you aren't, that is just life. It is only something that happened.

Some people look at the lottery winners who obtain that great wealth and then squander it as such stupid losers. Like how could they waste all that money and be poor again. Like having all that money was a bad thing.

But is that really the best way to look at it?

I tend to think that having an excess of money, even if only temporarily rich as a good thing.

What happened in the past is just a memory anyway. You are living now. So what if you were rich for awhile and now you are poor?

Can't you enjoy the memories of the experiences you had while you were rich?

If the only way you can enjoy having a lot of money is to always have it, then what is the point of doing anything at all?

If you are not doing as well as you want every single moment of every single day, then they are saying that your life is a waste.

What if the team you are on or the team you love to watch wins the championship this year. You will have an emotional high. You will be extremely satisfied with that. You will love it.

Now, if we think of this championship win as money, you would have to win next year and every year after. The only satisfaction would be to always have that win. You can see from this line of thinking how ridiculous it is to think that the way it is today has to be the way it is tomorrow.

What if you happen to spend a night with an unbelievably gorgeous and sexy women. For whatever reason you are at the top of your game, everything clicks, and you have the best night of your life.

You savor the memory of that night for the rest of your life. When you are feeling down about anything, you remember that night and immediately feel good. If nothing else worked in your life, at least you had that.

If we think of the experience of the best night of your life as money, you would have to have this type of night every night for the rest of your life. But this type of experience is fleeting. What if you never spend a night with as beautiful of a woman as this the rest of your life?

Would you think that it would have been better never to have had this mind blowing experience?

What if you took a trip to a place that you absolutely loved. You loved every aspect of the trip. Your memory is filled with every moment and you remember it forever.

If we think of this trip like money, you would have to spend a lifetime having this trip. You would only be able to enjoy your life if you were traveling like this continuously.

Would you think that it would have been better to never have experienced this trip because you cannot do it all the time?

Can't you see that the moment is what is important. Not keeping the money you won forever. Not feeling bad about what you don't have. Not worrying about blowing your lottery winnings. Maybe you can set up your life to always be set up after a win, but maybe not. Enjoy what money you have now. If enjoying it means putting it under your mattress to have later so be it. If enjoying it means to spend it all up in a few years, do that.

The important thing is to enjoy the money you have now and work on ways to make more. I have recently purchased two programs and they are helping me to get clear about what I want and how to go about getting that.

The first is called The Secret of Deliberate Creation created by Dr. Robert Anthony. This is a series of CD's you listen to and then work through the exercises. There is not that much to do except listen and think.

The other program is The Click Bank Secret Code created by Dr. Joe Vitale and Pat O'Bryan. This program includes MP3's to listen to and PDF's to read.

Finding ways to make money more money, spending the money you have and make joyfully and enjoying whatever money you have now is the rich lifestyle and feeling we all want. There is nothing quite so satisfying as creating additional income streams based off your internet work and then buying the products and experiences you want. If you make a lot now and not much later, so what? If you were rich once, and now not so much, so what? Having more money or less money is just an experience to enjoy and learn from.

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