Create Your Own Happiness

It is your life. You have to create your own happiness. No one can do this and most people will actively work against you.

You can make all the choices. You can realize that all the things you are supposed to do are not necessary. You don't have to do any of the following;

1) Get married.

2) Have children.

3) Have a specific number of children.

4) Go to college.

5) Join the military.

6) Serve your country.

7) Listen to your parents.

8) Vote.

9) Stay in the career or vocation you started in.

10) Do anything they say.

11) Sacrifice for others.

12) Do your duty.

13) Stay in a marriage that is not good for you.

14) Stay for the children.

15) Buy a home.

16) Buy a certain type of car, clothes, electronics or anything.

None of these things has anything to do with your own happiness.

All these things will just waste your life and you will be left with no money, no time and no energy to do what you want.

You will spend all your time serving others, sacrificing for them, catering to their dreams and endless whims. All the while wasting your life on others.

Don't you matter? Don't you deserve a good life?

Why do you continue to believe the lies of others who want to control you? They only want you to do for them. To give them your dollars. To kill for them. To die for them. To give your sons and daughters to them. To do what they say when they say it.

Governments, churches, society, your wife, your relatives, your in-laws and even your parents are not going to care that much about your happiness. Maybe not at all.

You just have to face this fact that perhaps no one on the entire planet cares whether you have any happiness whatsoever. And there are going to be hundreds, or thousands or maybe even millions who only satisfaction will be to drag you down or force you down to their level or lower.

I know this is depressing. Just writing this hurts me. But I have to be honest.

I cannot really remember anyone caring whether I have any enjoyment at all.

Most of the time someone is always trying to restrict my fun by either telling me to stop enjoying myself or creating more laws and rules that make having fun illegal.

There are no easy answers. Only more questions. But once you realize this you can start to think you matter.

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