You Can Leave

You can leave whatever bad circumstance you are in behind.  Bad job?  Get a better job.  Bad habits?  Quit them.  Bad wife?  Leave her.

Leaving whatever behind is the simplest method to improve your life.

The more you change.  The more changes you make.

You are free and the sooner you realize it the better your life becomes.
Freedom is not something that is granted to you.  Freedom is how you are, what you do, how you think and how you be.
Freedom is not given or awarded or granted.

The easiest way to be free is to leave.  Having the will the leave, or the ability to leave, or the desire to leave is the key to your freedom.
This is a critical distinction that is missed over and over again even by freedom activists and liberty seekers.
The activists and seekers think that governments need to be done away with before we can all be free.  They think they need to fight for freedom and work with others to get this freedom.
But, if freedom is an individual matter, how can you fight for and work for it?  You just have it and enjoy it and watch out for it.
You need to treat freedom like any other good thing in your life.  You pay it attention.  You shower it with love.  You think how you can be free.  You plan how you can be free.  It is all about the you, not the we.
Forget others.  Forget we.

Start thinking what you can do.
You will never have success trying to get others to do what you want and expect to have freedom.
For in doing that, you are taking away their freedom.  You are then the tyrant yourself.
If you are voting for the more freedom minded candidate, you are just voting for more tyranny, just in a format that you think would be better for you.
If you are trying to abolish all governments, why?  Isn't the very act of going through all the trouble restricting your freedom in the here and now?
How can you be free if you first have to make sure someone else is free first?
It is kind of like caring for children or your pets.  There is an enormous amount of work involved in caring for people or animals when they are not able to care for themselves.  Why would you want to care for others unless they mean as much to you as your own children?
You can leave. 

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