Watching Sports
Is a Huge Waste of Time

Watching spectator sports is a huge waste of time at worst and and a very large time commitment at best. Watching sports can be a huge life waster if you are not even really enjoying the game.

If you want to have more free time to do what you want to do you have to limit this activity.

A pro football game is at least 3 hours long.

When I watch a pro football game at home I make sure I have plenty of things to do while I am watching. I have my lunch. I have some beverages. I have some books to read. I have my laptop computer on my lap and going. I take a nap. I cannot just watch a full game at home anymore. I know it will be a waste of time if I do not do other things during the game.

This is part of the reason that going to my son's high school games has been so difficult for me. I cannot do other things during the game. Plus the bleachers are unbelievably uncomfortable. Then you are sitting amongst hundreds of people you do not know. I have to go early to get a good parking spot and a good seat. The games are usually about 2 -1/2 hours long.

Then I wait after to take him home.

It is more fun to be at a game with some people you enjoy. That is the key.

I like to watch the Packer game at a crowded bar. The crowd and the drinking make it fun. I do not consider having fun at a rowdy bar to be a waste of time. I consider it a highlight of my life.

At a high school game there is no drinking, obviously.

The point is that I can see parents of children in sports having almost no time for themselves.

It is critical for you as a parent to either have a career or business that does not take very much time or is very lucrative if you have kids in sports.

You life will not be yours, if you have a time consuming job or a job that does not pay very well.

I just did the math on the games I have watched so far. There were 9 varsity games. There were 9 junior varsity games. I went to 15 of those games for 4 hours each that works out to 60 hours of time.

This is huge because last year I did not do this, this is an add.

Plus there was a lot of extra expenses, practices, frustrations, irritations and problems with the schedule.

This caused me a lot of anxiety.

The positive is that my son seemed to enjoy it and he did not get hurt.

That is what I am trying to focus on. His enjoyment and safety.

For me, though, what I really want is time to do what I want to do. I am focused on my life, making it better. I want to work on my business to provide more resources for my children.

Spending all that time at football is counterproductive to making more money in my business. It makes it harder to help my kids, not easier.

I do need to be at the games. I need to take him home after the game. I need to be there in case he gets hurt. I want to see him play.

I really do not care how the team does. They do not need me to do anything. It is nice that they have a good team, but it does not affect me.

I think spectator sports are a tool of powerful people to manage huge numbers of people. I think they need us to be involved in lots of things that are considered a waste of time in order to more easily control us.

This comes right from the ancient times. Bread and circuses. I am not saying anything new here. We all know this. Now, instead of men killing each other and animals in coliseums, they are hurting themselves in games.

Now we have bullfighting, soccer matches, football, baseball and basketball, golf, race cars and hockey.

What are all these things except a form of circus.

It takes a lot of our time and our energy to see all this stuff and follow it.

It is all just watching someone else do something, rather than you doing something.

I love that my son is enjoying football, but he is enjoying it because he is playing it, not for others to watch, but just to play.

How can you not want to go to all those games, they will say to me? What else do you have to do? I have to live, I have plenty to do. People do not understand that I do not want to have a waste of time by going to all the games. They just do not see it.

I want to see him play but I would rather spend 10 minutes talking with him in the car than 3 hours of watching him pl

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