Want a Vasectomy?
Here is My Story

Do you really want a vasectomy? I think you do or else you wouldn't be looking for stories like this.

I decided to get a vasectomy when I was 36 years old. I had a 5 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. I loved being a dad, but I did not love caring for them. I found the stress and strain of caring for small children overwhelming. I found the expense crippling. There just was no end to the expenses.

I reasoned that if I was having a difficult time caring for 2 children, how would caring for more be easier. Logic would tell you that each person in your family will increase your expenses not decrease them.

It is obvious that most people not only feel the same way, but are smart enough to realize that taking care of fewer people is easier and more satisfying than taking care of more. There just is no way to care well for more children unless you are very rich. To me, the best dads are rich anyway.

My wife had nearly died from complications from our first child. When I found her in a bloody heap in bathroom 2 weeks after our son was born I figured I was going to be raising a baby alone. She did recover but it was a long, hard struggle for her to regain her health.

I did not want her to go through that ordeal again, and I really did not want to go through it myself. It took her another 3 years to convince me to try to have another baby.

I finally caved in to her relentless pressure and she got pregnant. Little did I know how much work was in store for me.

Her doctor put my wife on bed rest for the last 6 months of her pregnancy. Who was going to take care of our son? My wife was a stay home mom and I had a full-time job. He was not in school.

This was the hardest time in my life. I used up all my family leave and vacation in the months before our daughter was born. I worked half days for all that time. I did everything around the house. I took our son to daycare every day for the middle of the day. I got some help from family, but not that much.

I am proud of what I did. I don't think our daughter would have survived without my wife being on bed rest or me doing everything.

But that is the reason I decided that I wanted a vasectomy. I just could not go through that again.

I am just so pleased with having two wonderful children. I cannot imagine why I would want more.

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