Why Walking Is Important

I think everyone understands that walking is important to your general health.  But I think you don't understand why this is so and why it is so important to your quality of life.

You need to get from place to place.  Maybe most of this is from the couch to the refrigerator or from your house to your car or from your car to the job.  That is probably the extent of your exercise.

This is important.  It is the basics.  Life is so much harder when you cannot even do that much.

But if you truly want a better life, a healthier life, a life with more, you will make an effort to dedicate a portion of each week to longer walks.

I have a goal of walking 20 times per month.  These sessions range from 20 minutes to an hour and they are one of the most important components to my life.  I write down on my calendar the days I do this and I note how many times a month I have done it.  Take a walk is almost always on my to do list.

I am not really interested in a heavy duty cardio workout.  I do not like to run, although I do some sprinting.  I do not care to ride bikes anymore, I find bike riding too hard on my testicles.  I just concentrate on lifting and mostly gentle exercise.

When I do this often enough, I get the giant bowel movements that slim me up immediately.  I feel slimmer and am slimmer.  I feel great and sleep really soundly.

But almost as important as the health effects, are the ideas and inspiration I receive.

The inspiration goes beyond what I see in nature.  I love nature and seeing great things.  I love to get into the back country or small city streets to see things not that many people have seen. 

But the inspiration comes to me from I am not sure where.  It seems to come after I have been moving for many minutes and the normal cares drop away and I am getting tired.  Then the ideas flow and the insights start.

I talk about the health effects and these insights on this podcast -

When you get going and do this, you will see the effects right away.  I don't think you will get this effect from running.  I think that running is too difficult and stressful to get this inspiration.  Maybe you will if you get into great enough shape.  But I want to feel good now and get those insights now.

Your life is too short and too important to wait until you get into shape to live it.  It's fine to make the effort to get fitter with heavy duty workouts.  But if you don't do that, at least enjoy the spectacular results you will see from gentle exercise and enjoy the ideas and inspirations you will receive.

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