Tips for Fat Men

Tips for fat men? Don't you have to wait until you lose weight to have a good life? Shouldn't a fat men concentrate all his efforts on losing weight? Shouldn't you work out like a mad man for a few years until you lose weight and then start living.

No, these tips are meant so that you can live well now. If you wait to start living until after you lose weight, your life will just suck. Waiting to live always sucks. You have to live now.

Being fat is not a death sentence for a short life of misery. Of course you should be working on getting more lean. You should be exercising and eating a better diet. But it is better to look good and feel good now while you are working for an even better future. What I hate to do is always be waiting for the future. I want to live well now.

Here are some tips for fat men to look good and feel good now. Why should you wait? What are you waiting for?

Tips for Fat men - Your head

Tips for Fat Men for your head

1. Smile more and practice smiling.

Everyone sees your face. It is always there. You get your picture taken. You want your face to look good, look happy, look masculine and look healthy. So how do you do that? The first easy step is to practice smiling. I know it sounds stupid, but this really works. I had spent most of my life not smiling. Life seemed to start giving me a hard time when I was a child. I practiced scowling more to try to avoid the hard times, the bullying and the problems with others. I felt that looking mean, looking depressed and not being happy was my lot in life.

What a waste.

But I do not think that way anymore.

I look at myself in the mirror every day and smile as big as I can ten times. I put this in my planner book as a to do item. It doesn't take that long. I just do it in the morning at work after I use the bathroom. It helps so much to actually smile at yourself as if you love yourself. It is a simple self esteem boosting exercise that is easy to do and it works. I have been doing this nearly every day for the last few years and the results are impressive. I actually am comfortable smiling.

2. Grow some facial hair.

It is your face. You should be able to experiment with combination's of mustaches, beards and sideburns. I know a lot of men just shave their entire face every day right up to there hair line. This is a lot easier than taking care to leave your sideburns growing and to shave around a beard. But that is the point of this. In order to have a good looking face with a well trimmed sideburns, beard or mustache, you have to take a little more time. Most men are always in a rush or are pushed to hurry because of rushing to work and rushing for their wives. I know it is far easier and much faster to just shave your entire face every day. But if you just spend a little more time on yourself and how you look you will start to feel better about yourself.

Plus, men look more like men with facial hair. You just look more tough and more like a man. This is even more critical if you are fat. When you are fat your face gets fat also. This is a massive tips for fat men. You will not have that lean face of fit men, you will have the round, soft face of fatter men. When you have some facial hair, you negate a lot of that softness.

It is hard to look like a young boy or worse,a girl if you have a beard. I like to wear a mustache and chin beard. I shave my cheeks and the area just under my lower lip. I shave Monday through Wednesday and let my beard grow the rest of the week. I love this scruffy look. I started growing my sideburns a few months ago also. I do trim all this once or twice a week as needed, I do not want the really out of control beards you sometimes see. I do not think women like the wild beards, but they do seem to like men with facial hair. The thing about having facial hair is that most of society is expecting that you should not have any.

Why do you think the military requires all the soldiers to be clean shaven? For conformity. They do not want individuals who think for themselves. They want robots who will do what they are told and part of what they are told is to look how they want you to look. I say the heck with that. I want to look how I want to look. When you watch movies you will always see that the heroes are hardly ever clean shaven. Women swoon for these men. Why not enjoy the swooning over you and your masculine, bearded face?

3. Maintain the length of your hair.

You just do not look good with bushy hair. I think you know what I mean when I say the crazy professor. This is the look of balding on top and a bushy ring on the side. Once you are starting to go bald, you need to keep the side cut tight. The tighter the better. Most men look better in shorter hair to the point where it is cut really tight to your head. I cannot think of any fat men that look good with long or bushy hair. The long and bushy hair is just a comical look for fat men. Just avoid looking foolish by getting a tight to your head haircut. You automatically look more tough and masculine.

Whenever you see a fat man with bushy hair portrayed in the media it is always as a comical look. This is a one of the most important tips for fat men that I can give. Get your hair cut tight to your head. Leave the bushy hair for the men who want to look like clowns.

4. Wear contact lenses when you are out.

You really have to be lean, in great shape, very good looking and spend thousands on glasses to look good in eyeglasses. The men who look great in glasses are few and far between. Once you get to know a person then the glasses do not matter, but until you know them, how you look is important. Wearing contacts is a very easy, inexpensive way to look much better. Fat men never look good in glasses. It just does not happen. Contact lenses are not that expensive or that hard to deal with. They make you look 100 % better easily. This is another great tips for fat men. You just will not look good with glasses.

5. Do enough weight lifting so that your neck is large.

Most, men, even fat men, as they age get the thin ugly necks that old men have. You have to take steps to keep your muscles in your neck. All shirts look better the bigger your neck is. What you should do if your neck is starting to thin is to never wear t-shirts. T-shirts will accentuate your thin neck and make you look even worse. Wear collared shirts.

Tips for Fat Men - Your Body

Tips for Fat Men for Your Body

1. Start Bodybuilding if you have no muscle.

Some men work a physical job and have the muscles from that. If so, then you probably do not need to lift. What I mean is that if you have a job that does not need muscles it is up to you to spend enough time and effort building some muscles. If you are fat, you really need muscles. Fat men without muscles really look bad. Think of how football linemen look. Some of those guys are really fat, but they also have big muscles. They look good. Not as good as men who are not fat with big muscles, but a lot better than men without muscles at all. It does take time to lift and the results do not come immediately. But the results do come. If you are trying to look good one of the first things you need to do is join a gym that has a good weight room. I have discovered what I think is the quickest, easiest weight lifting method. The method is called Static Contraction and it is developed by Pete Sisco. The method is more fully on this page Click Here for Pete Sisco's Static Contraction workout!

2. Start walking as many days a week as you can.

If you are really fat, running is out of the question. It will destroy your knees and ankles. The pounding your body will take is too much. A better way is to just walk. I try to walk 5 or 6 days a week for about 30 minutes each time. Once a month or so I take a much longer hike for a few hours. This is what I call an adventure walk where I explore a City more or get onto a hiking trail. The real key is to be walking nearly every day for a little while. If your try the Static Contraction weight training method you will not be lifting that often. You will need to walk a lot to keep active on the days you are not lifting.

3. Experiment with sprinting.

Sprinting is not running for many miles at a time. I am working on a sprinting program where I sprint 2 times a month. I just do what I can for 5 or 10 minutes.

Tips for Fat Men - Your Clothes

Tips for Fat Men for your Clothes

1. Avoid black and gray shirts.

I know they are everywhere and on everyone. Everyone says black is so slimming and flattering. I think everyone is wrong. Only people who are classically good looking, look good in black. Most fat men do not. White and blue shirts are still the best color for men. Whenever I talk about how ugly black is for shirts people get upset. I am really pushing against their preconceived notions. But the reason they get upset is that deep down they know I am right and they are upset for being duped so long by so many. I threw out all my black shirts. You should do the same. Look for whites, blues, soft reds and other soft colors that when you see yourself in the mirror, you like what you see. Avoiding black shirts is just such a big improvement in tips for fat men.

2. Do not wear tight pants and underwear

I believe that tight pants and underwear plays a large part in hurting your private parts and keeping them small. The penis and testicles do not have any bones in them. They are basically bags of blood. When you wear tight pants and tight underwear the blood is forced out of them and back in your body. That is a huge problem for men, and especially fatter men. When you spend a lifetime with all the blood being forced out of your private parts those parts will be smaller.

The solution is obvious.

Wear loose boxer shorts and loose pants. You will need belts. I think the reason the ghetto guys wear the extremely loose pants is this. They know that the tighter the pants the smaller their genitals will be. You may not want to go to that extreme, but you will need to wear a larger waist size than your waist. What I was always trying to do was to squeeze myself into the smallest waist size pants. I thought this would look better. But the result is that my genitals did not have any room. My legs and butt are large and muscular. Even when I was leaner, my legs and butt were large and muscular. They took all the room in my pants. My genitals had no room.

Someday I think the science will catch up with this anecdotal evidence and we will help men to be more manly. Everything will be designed to help men have larger genitals. But in the meanwhile you can do what you can to improve this aspect of your life.

I believe that clothes for fatter and larger men should be completely redesigned with more room in the front. Maybe someone could let me know of styles that are like this. I would love to find clothes like this instead of always wearing a larger size.

Tips for Fat Men - Your Shoes

1. Wear boots more than shoes.

It is more expensive to be wearing boots all the time. But it is worth it. Boots automatically make you look more tough and more like a man. You can walk farther. You can work harder. You can be on your feet more. You will look better. You can even kick your way out of a street fight. How are you going to be able to defend yourself in a street fight if you are wearing flip flops are light shoes? I like Timberland boots. I am always looking at boots in the shoe stores, but rarely find what I am looking for. You probably need to look on-line to find the good looking, ankle high, boots that are so good for your looks.

I have a feeling that society is not that interested in men wearing boots. Otherwise the stores would be filled with good looking, functional boots that you could just go and buy. I have a feeling they want men to be meek and mild and not able to do much for themselves. You only see the police and military in boots. It is almost as if men in boots are here to keep us all in our place.

I do not want to be kept in my place. I want to decide where I want to be and what I want to do. And wearing boots helps me do that.

Tips for Fat Men - Conclusion

Here are some final thoughts on tips for fat men. When you are fat you do need to take extra steps to look good. But you can use these tips for fat men as a guide and stepping stone to start looking and feeling better. You only have one life. You do not get a second chance for a life. You can start to work on getting leaner but you can also start look good and feel good immediately.

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