There are No Rules

Get out of the worry about the rules mindset.  There are no rules that you cannot find a way to avoid, ignore, evade or eliminate.

Don't you hate having to follow all the rules that "they" say you should follow?  Not just the government enforced laws but rules from religions, churches, parents, friends, neighbors, society and the culture.

I want to live my life my way without so much interference from others.  Here is my podcast on this subject-

Some of the rules make sense to follow to avoid the severe punishment the authorities will dish out.  But most of all the rules you have been living by are just nonsense meant to control you and enslave you.

I just get enraged thinking about all the stupid rules I felt like I was forced to follow to get along.  All the time doing what others wanted and getting very little of what I wanted.  And for what?

Nothing really.  A life without doing much of what I wanted.  A life where I was first a good little boy, then a good young man and then a good middle aged man.

None of that satisfied me.

The happiest and most satisfied I have ever been was getting drunk with good friends in my mid twenties.  We would get mildly drunk and have wild times.  We would meet girls and sometimes I would get laid.  It was a great time.  I regret none of that.  I only regret not doing it more.  Looking back at that time, it was great because there are no rules.  I did more of what I wanted.

I find it frustrating that a man can only be bold, can only have fun a few times a year when he is drinking at established drinking ritual parties.

Thank goodness for these parties or some men, including me in my younger years, would never have any fun.  Their lives would be one long, boring non-eventful existence spent following all kinds of stupid rules.

I think all these rules against alcohol are not really meant to stop alcohol related deaths.  I think they are meant as a control mechanism.

When are the only times that men question authority and actually have some fun and live a little?

When they are drinking.  That is the only real time.

Men in their twenties are at the height of all their powers and could take over the world.

In order to control them you enforce massive rules against them and keep them down. 

You have to get this idea of following rules out of your system.  You have to make your life your own.  You do not have to be the nice guy always following all these rules that only make your life more controlled and less fun.

You do not have to follow all these rules:

  • Go out for all kinds of activities in school.
  • Stay in the activities you started even if you do not like them.
  • Stay in the same job.
  • Go to college.
  • Buy a house.
  • Get married.
  • Have children.
  • Stay in the same religion you were born into.
  • Be religious.
  • Believe in god.
  • Vote.
  • Believe in collective solutions.

Can you see where I am going?  I am all about me and all about the individual.  I matter.  You matter.  What I want for me, matters to me.  What you want for you, matters to you.

I have no right to tell you what to do.  You have no right to tell me what to do.

Since that is the only correct way to look at it, there would be no one creating all these endless rules.  What a great world it would be.

Since there is no way that will ever happen, what I do is do what I want and forget about the rules.  I just ignore most all these rules and only do what I think is best.

I left my wife even though a man is suppose to stay married.  I have never been happier.  I have never been healthier.  Isn't a man only happy and healthy being married?  No, most men live small, unhappy lives being married.

I have quit numerous jobs even though you are supposed to stay loyal to your employer.  Every time I quit a job I find myself far happier and better off at the new job.

Just try this out.  Give up all this mindless rule following.  Make your own rules.  There are no rules that you need, except your own.

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