Success With Women
You Will Remember the Success
Not the Failure

I have spent a lot of time thinking of my past success with women. I have made a note the names of the girl (if I can remember) her appearance, where we met, what we did and who I was with when I met her.

I have been searching for clues as to why I was successful at those times versus having no success at other times.

One problem is that I have no memory of my failures with women. It is not that I have not failed. I have failed a lot and miserably. I just have no memory of it.

To me, that is interesting.

Why is this so?

What could be happening?

Isn't it embarrassing to go up to a girl and get shot down?

Doesn't it sting and hurt?

Yes, it does. It hurts, stings and is embarrassing.

But it is not long lasting.

The hurt fades.

This is encouraging because it means that if I, or you, can just go out and do an approach, get past the momentary sting of failure and rejection, you will get the lasting pleasure of meeting women, enjoying them and remembering the good for the rest of your life.

This bold approaching is a you being confident. It is you acting as a confident man acts. It is a supreme form of confidence. You do not have to have the confidence, you just are acting confidently.

Not only is this the path to success it is a lot of fun. There is nothing like the feeling of going up to a woman you never saw before and talking to her, getting her number, dancing with her, kissing her and maybe even having sex with her that night.

You just will love having the ability to meet new women and have fun with them all because you are able to approach them boldly.

Fortune favors the bold in making money, fame and getting women.

Getting women is a lot easier than getting rich or famous and the main reason to get rich or famous is for women. So just go for what you want first.

You will not remember the failure, only the success.

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