Change for Self Growth

We all fear change, but it is only through change that you will have any self growth. This constant changing only improves your life.

The essence of self growth is change. So when you fear change, you stop growth.

I like to think of it as change is really just things, activities, projects and situations are better if they are short.

The shorter things are the better. I really cannot think of anything good that lasted a long time and was good at the end.

TV shows are a good example. All the well-done entertaining shows that were good at the beginning always ended badly. See if you agree with my take:

1) Seinfeld. This is my all time favorite show. It was great for many years. The last year or so and especially the last episode sucked.

2) Cheers. Again, great for many years. I used to roar with laughter at the time. The last year or so and the last episode sucked.

3) All in the Family. Great at the beginning. Terrible at the end.

4) Lost. Great show the first few seasons. My son and I watched all the seasons over the course of about 2 months last winter. The last few seasons lost me. It was just no good.

5) MASH. The first few years were the funniest show ever. The longer it dragged on the worse it got.

Every other thing you get involved in always sucks the longer you stay in it. College, marriage and jobs all seem good for awhile at first. The longer it lasts the worse they become.

There is not anything great that is long lived. It all sucks the longer it lasts.

If you realize this starting now, you will take steps to make sure your entire life is based on keeping things short.

Only work for a few years at a place and move on.

If you start businesses, start them and either get someone else to manage it or sell it or close it after you make some money.

Avoid marriage so that your relationships only need to last a few years at the most.

This is a difficutl concept for most people. We are always told that marriage is forever. But when we have to be told something over and over again, it usually means that what we are being told is not good for us and other people have an interest in us doing what is not good for us.

Move every few years. Do not buy, rent. Or at least have some options on how you live like taking numerous trips, renting or buying a second home or remodeling your first home.

Avoid any long term commitments like college, contracts, mortgages, obligations, debts and partnerships.

Avoid work that you are obligated to stay in for a period of time. I am especially thinking of the military where you have a fixed amount of time you have to stay. How will you know you want to stay that long? You can't, that is another reason that the military is such a bad deal.

Keep your life fluid, free and changing. Change will happen anyway. This way you are expecting it and in control of it.

If you have something in your life like a marriage to a great person, then you will have to counterbalance this long term commitment with shorter everything else.

My parents have been married for nearly 50 years. It appears that most of that time has been happiness for them.

Their marriage is long term but everything else is short term. They have moved 7 times. They have remodeled all those homes. They have had countless hobbies. They have kept up with old friends and made new friends. They have had different jobs and dabbled in side businesses. They have a second home and have taken numerous trips. My dad was unhappy at his main job at the end because he worked there too long. As much as he liked it at the beginning, he did not like it at the end. At the end he was just counting the days to retirement.

They have made massive changes in most everything else and they seem to thrive on it.

It is only when you stay at something too long or too many things too long do you stagnate and struggle. You will not be happy because you need to be keep changing for continuous self growth.

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