Make Your Life a Priority
Self Development
Starts with You

Self development starts and ends with you. How do you change your life for the better? You want to make your life a priority.

Doesn't everyone do this already? No.

Most people fritter their lives away thinking about things that have nothing to do with them. They spend no time on their own self development, choosing to waste their time on:

1. TV.
2. Religion.
3. Sports.
4. Entertainment.
5. Trivia.
6. Politics.
7. Mass media.
8. Education.
9. Talk radio.
10. News shows.
11. Activities.
12. Belief in groups.

Think about this. Think how much of your time has been spent either watching this type of stuff, listening to this type of stuff or talking about this type of stuff with others. The amount of time is staggering. It is mind boggling.

How does discussing what your favorite team does, doesn't do or what they should do affect you?

Not a bit, other than the entertainment value of this.

I know it is engrossing. The players and coaches are all so fascinating. We hang on their every word and everything they do.

But if you look at why they are enjoying such fantastic success that we all are so interested in them, you will see that they are mostly doing what they do and not concerning themselves with things outside of their influence.

The reason your favorite pro team does so well, makes so much money, is on tv and the players and coaches make so much money is they all are concentrated on their roles within that team. They concentrate on their own self development to the exclusion of other things.

They are not spending time listening and watching sports shows. They are the sports shows.

They do not spend their down time thinking about the local team. They spend their down time relaxing and recharging and concentrating on their fun, their state of mind and their self development.

This is the biggest lesson of sports. You have to concentrate on it to the exclusion of most everything else.

If you can concentrate on your life and forget about all those things that you zero control over, your life cannot help but improve. Concentrating on taking steps to improve your life and your self development is how it is done.

Worrying about your favorite actors and sports stars is just a no-win situation for you. You have absolutely no control over them and all the time you are spending on that is time you could be spending to improve your life.

I know it is possible to really enjoy all this and make it your hobby. I have done this in the past. I have studied pro football and have become quite knowledgeable about it. But it has not helped me to make any money. It has not furthered my career. It has not helped me meet women or develop friendships.

It is enjoyable and I have had many pleasant conversations with friends and acquaintances. I do see the value in that.

But I see more value in doing what I can do to make my life better. Sports an those types of things have to be just a minor part of your life.

Religion will hog all your time too. I remember when my parents and then my wife insisted I go to church regularly. I would sit and absorb it all. I would listen. It was too boring to just sit and not learn, so I did. I have a thorough knowledge of all that, I did not zone out and not retain anything. But just going for an hour every Sunday was not enough for the religious types. At holidays there were all kinds of extra services. They had weekly bible studies, pot luck dinners, camps and all kinds of other ways to take up what little precious free time I had. That hour on Sunday was too much for me already. How is spending more time than that going to help me? It doesn't. I just avoid the hour on Sunday and eliminate all the extras too.

I am still somewhat irritated for all the time I wasted on religious type things. I should have made my life a priority long ago.

Believing in groups is tempting. Religious groups are one type. The main group is government.

How much time is wasted by government? Any time you spend thinking about it is a waste. Any time you spend filling out forms, standing in lines or thinking about filling out forms or standing in lines. The whole thing is just a massive waste of time.

I am trying to get to the point where the amount of time I spend on all this ridiculous nonsense is eliminated.

I have done well in some areas. I do not go to church. The only sport I watch is pro football when my team is playing. And even then I do other things while watching. I never watch network tv. I prefer to watch netflix if I watch at all. I do not vote. I treat and think about government with disgust and disdain. I do not join any groups. I do everything myself or hire others to help me if needed. I left my wife because she could not treat me well. I stopped believing the lies that a husband has to take whatever his wife dishes out. I am still stuck dealing with government rules, laws, regulations, forms but just thinking about it as ridiculous helps my attitude. It is something to mock and scorn and get through as quickly as possible. I spend no time thinking about entertainers or people in the mass media. If I happen to listen to the radio and they start talking about celebrities, I change the channel.

I think about me. What I want. What I want to do. What can I do to help my children. What can I do to avoid my ex-wife. What can I do to improve my life.

My life is my priority. There is nothing as important to me as my own self development.

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