Improve Your Productivity Easily
With Simple Methods

You can improve your productivity more easily than you think. It does not take training sessions and expensive seminars. It just takes a few simple methods.

Here are some quick ways to increase your productivity:

1. Speed up in whatever you are doing. You do not have to do things so slowly. The saying - haste makes waste - is something slow people say. I know there are times when you need to do things slowly,

2. Throw out all the clutter that gets in your way. You just cannot go wrong by getting rid of excess stuff.

3. Create systems for how you do the normal day to day things. There is nothing so frustrating as having to think about getting ready to go out of the house, cleaning up, doing laundry or things like that. These types of things can hog lots of time if you do not have a system that works for you. The time getting these things totally organized is time well spent. You spend some minutes now getting a very fast system set up for the everyday needs will pay dividends the rest of your life as the free hours and days add up.

4. Take care of the frustrations as soon as possible when they appear. If your teeth hurt, call the dentist for an appointment. If you are working out and you get a sharp pain, stop your workout immediately and leave. Put on the ice or heat or whatever it takes. If you run out of something important, go to the store right away and get it.

5. Keep ahead of all your needs. Have a little extra of whatever you need. Buy a little extra food, have extra personal needs. You just do not need the added running around of getting something that ran out. It is so easy to just get extra things when you are out and about.

6. Use both hands when you are working. We get so in the habit of using our dominant hand that we do not think to use our other hand. Consciously use both hands especially when doing your chores. It really helps often doubling your speed. Think how fast you can text with both thumbs as opposed to one thumb.

Keep in mind the goal of more time to do what you really want to do and need to do. This keeps your motivation high to always be thinking of ways to improve how much you get done.

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