Do Not Procrastinate
This is Your Life

How can you have a good life if you procrastinate? You can't. You know this is true. It has always been true and will always be true but not for the reasons you have always heard.

When you procrastinate on something there are only a few reasons why.

The first one is the only one that is always discussed. You are lazy and need to be motivated. You just need to do it.

Maybe you are and maybe you are not. You know if you are lazy. You do not need someone to tell you.

But I really think that the main reason a person would procrastinate on anything is it because you do not want to do whatever it is you are procrastinating on.

You get up late for work because you do not really like your job. Instead of beating yourself up over this and using massive willpower and multiple alarm clocks, you procrastinate because you need to find a different job or career. You should not find it that hard to get up to a job or career that you love. You will just automatically get up. The only time you should be tired in the morning is if you have been staying up late for social reasons for many days in a row.

You drag your feet whenever your wife wants you to do something. The answer is that you resent her demands. You think that what she wants to you to do is not necessary or too expensive or you want to spend your time doing something else. You will possibly even resent her. If you loved your wife and she is a reasonable person, doing things for her would not be an excessive burden. It would be a labor of love. She would not be asking you to do so much and the things she would be asking would be things you want to do anyway.

When your parents or wife wants you to go to church, you put up a fuss or try to get out of i. This isn't because you are a bad person. It is because you see the hypocrisy of going to church and cannot stand to waste any more of your life doing things you do not want to do.

You have a mountain of chores to do around the house that you are putting off. You would much rather do other things. You feel the guilt of not maintaining your home in the manner you should. Do you power through it or do you step back and think that maybe you do not even want to own a home. Maybe, owning a home with the massive cost and continuous work is not that great of a deal for you.

Are you starting to see that procrastination is a symptom of something else. You are not getting things done because you procrastinate by nature and are lazy.

The real reason you do not get things done because you are stuck doing things you do not want to do.

I see this all the time in the workplace. Most people would rather spend most of their time talking or being idle rather than working. The symptom is they are procrastinating. But the cause is that they are doing a job they do not like that much. The work is not engaging enough for them to just do it.

Then you need bosses and managers and supervisors hovering around you to make sure you are working. You have someone above you telling you exactly what to do. You have co-workers telling on you what you are loafing.

It is not natural for a person to spend most of their time loafing, goofing off, talking and finding ways not to work. It is natural to be working at something that engages your interest for most of the day.

The real cure to procrastination is to find what you want to do and do those things.

You want a job or career or business that you love. You don't want a boring job that you have to drag yourself to every day for year after year. The kind of a job where you are looking at the clock for most of the day. The kind of a job where the only good thing during the day is lunch. This is the kind of a job most people have but it does not have to be that way.

The solution is a different job, career or business. The solution is to keep looking and searching for this type of situation.

This is your life. You have no other life waiting for you. You have only one.

You want a relationship with someone who does not make excessive demands. You do not want a wife who you have to appease by continuously doing chores, running errands and working on a honey-do list. You do not want a wife who gets upset if you are not working around the house in all your spare moments. You do not want a wife who insists you do things her way. You do not want a wife who keeps you up late doing household projects. You do not want a wife who keeps you busy working on her dreams that you have no time for yours.

The solution is a different wife or no wife at all. Being single is much better for men. You spend time with women on your terms.

You want a home that does not take all your money and all your time. You do not want a home that is hard to take care of. You do not want a home with a huge mortgage that takes most of your income. You do not want a home that is falling apart and needs constant maintenance. You do not want a home so large or set up so poorly that cleaning it takes forever.

The solution is a smaller home or a more suitable home or a less expensive home or a rented home. You do not have to spend all your money and all your time on your house.

The cure to procrastination is to take action. The way to not procrastinate is to do exactly what you want and live exactly how you want to live.

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