Personal Development Training
For Men

A man needs to spend as much time, effort and money on his own type of personal development training as possible.

That is the only way to have the great life you want. You spend countless hours working for others, helping others, doing things for others. In the meanwhile your own life is lacking.

If you are not overly busy with school or work or family you are overly concerned with something trivial like professional sports or politics or religion or entertainment.

It is my belief that you, as a man, has every right to think about your own life and what you want as anyone else.

It is your life after all, it should be worth as much time as watching your favorite team.

I love pro football as much as anyone but I do not let it take over my life. It is so easy to do. There is constant media coverage, talk shows, news articles and everyone talks about it.

But at the end of the day it will not matter to your life that much if you know everything about your favorite team or players.

Those teams and players are concentrating exclusively on themselves. That is how they get to the position they are in.

They do not fritter away their time and energy on things that do not matter to them that much. They concentrate on what they are doing.

That should be the lesson of professional sports. To concentrate your talents and abilities on what you are already great at, to work hard at those skills and enjoy making a great living at a game.

Instead, many men waste countless hours thinking about sports and the training programs of their favorite teams to the exclusion of working on their own personal development training.

That is what any man needs to do. Concentrate on what you want to do and what you are already good at.

Of course you probably do love your sporting teams. It may be your favorite hobby. This may be the thing you like to do the most. That is fine as long as the other aspects of your life are where you want them to be.

If your finances, relationships, fitness and level of health are all taken care of and you have plenty of time do dwell on sports, go ahead.

The problem is that for most men, the most important parts of their lives are not taken care of.

If this is you, you need to concentrate most of your efforts, energy, time and yes, some money, on your own personal development training.

The training I am talking about does not have to be formalized with expensive trainers and coaches. You can train yourself.

Coaches, mentors and programs will help, they will shorten the leanring curve and provide a level of motivation. But it is not essential.

What is essential is the doing it. The deciding what it is you need to work on and then doing those things.

I use my personal development plan as a guide. My plan is:

1) Make all the money I want and need from my Internet

businesses. I do not need a job.

2) Weigh a muscular 230 pounds with a ___ size penis.

3) Date dozens of beautiful girls every year.

4) Be a multi-millionaire.

5) Have great relationships with my family and


With this plan I just do whatever I need to do to make progress towards the 5 items on this list.

Item 1 of my personal development training includes working on my internet businesses.

Item 2 includes working on my body by weight training, sprinting, walking, stretching, my eating habits and penis enlargement exercises.

Item 3 includes approaching women, looking my best, feeling my best, spending time and money learning more, going on dates and having fun.

Item 4 includes saving, investing and increasing my knowledge of business, real estate and investing.

Item 5 includes watching over, helping and loving my children. It includes calling my parents, visiting them and including them in my life. It includes getting together with old friends and making new friends.

With my plan I know what to focus on. I can just do the things on my list. When I find myself getting frustrated with my life it is usually because I am not spending enough time and effort on my own personal development training.

If my life is too busy and filled with doing things I do not want to do I lose the time and energy to do what I want.

When my ex-wife is making my life difficult, she is wasting my time, my life.

It does take time to work on yourself. It does not happen by itself. If it happens by itself easily for you, you would probably not be reading this.

Think of whoever you admire and why you admire them. It is most likely because they have made it some higher station in life and their lifestyle or what they do is something that seems so great.

The celebrities, sports stars, wealthy people and people who go through life with grace and style do not get that way by accident. They use constant effort and energy working on their own personal development training and keep working on this for their entire life. That is how they get to where they are.

They do not turn on the TV and watch endless hours of mindless entertainment.

They do not dwell on other sports but their own.

They do not worry about saving the world with politics and government or religion.

They are not looking for someone else to save them either.

They are busy saving themselves and the people around them.

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