Best Personal Development Products
For Men

Personal development products include whatever you determine will help you. Anything you buy that makes you either look better, feel better or help you in some way qualify. Sometimes the things that make a man feel better do not cost a lot.

Personal Development Products

Here are some my favorite personal development products for men:

1) Comfortable shoes that fit perfectly that actually look good. Most men look good in black or brown boots that are ankle high with a short heel.

2) Fleece sweatshirts. Fleece is so lightweight and so comfortable. What a perfect invention. I love to wear fleece all winter and anytime it is cool.

3) Thick socks. My wife, when we were married, continually gave me a hard time because I wore thick socks. She thought I should wear thin socks. I tried but the thin socks just made my feet hurt even more than ever. She could not understand. My feet just feel so much better with thick socks.

4) Khaki pants. I mean the lightweight cotton pants. These are so much more comfortable than jeans or wool. Maybe they do not look as good. You should make the effort and spend the money to get the nicer ones. But they do not cost that much.

5) Shirts that flatter you. Any shirt has to be sized just right to look right. Too tight and you look and feel ridiculous. Too loose and you will not look good at all, although you will feel comfortable. You also have to look at the length of the tail. If you need to tuck the shirt in it has to be longer. If you wear it outside your pants then it cannot be so long. These are two different shirts. You need to buy two types.

6) Boxer shorts rather than briefs. Wearing briefs just makes no sense to me. I wore these for nearly 40 years and they did not help me. I think these tight briefs helped to lower my testosterone. I also think that tight briefs contribute to men having a smaller penis and testicles. The continuous pressure on your penis and testicles does not help you. Boxers just make you feel so good. You can wear the nicer boxers and you will look good. Men in briefs just look so ridiculous even if they are in fantastic shape.

7) High thread count sheets. You sleep every day, this should be a priority.

8) Fleece throw blankets. Fleece blankets are just as nice as fleece sweatshirts. It is so nice to take a nap on the couch or in an easy chair with a nice fleece throw blanket.

9) Reclining chairs. Nothing is quite so comfortable as a chair that reclines.

10) A big steak. My favorite healthy meal

11) A large pizza. My favorite unhealthy meal. I do not want to go through life only eating healthy meals. Sometimes you need less than healthy food.

12) A bowel of ice cream. This is still my favorite desert. When I was married my wife liked to give me a lot of ice cream. I developed a lactose intolerance to ice cream. I had to give it up for 3 or 4 years. But then after I left her, got adequate rest, improved my health and got more fit, now I can eat ice cream without the lactose intolerance. Ice cream will not make you look good but it will make you feel good.

13) Watching a new movie on the big screen.

14) A leather jacket. All men look better in a leather jacket. That is why leather is so good. It makes people look much better.

15) Warm, fleece gloves. Again, fleece is just about the best type of material. I love the lightweight fleece gloves. With these types of gloves because they are not so big and bulky. They fold up small in my pockets. They are great to drive with. They are warm enough for all but the coldest days.

16) A big garbage can. Throwing out stuff is the easiest way to stay organized, productive and keep picked up.

17) Big, fluffy towels that wrap all the way around you and will not fall down.

18) A fast internet connection. This may be one of the best things ever.

19) Fresh coffee. It always sucks to have to drink old coffee. Any coffee is better than no coffee, but fresh is still a delight.

20) An ice cold bottle, or five, of low carbohydrate beer.

21) Dating advice.

22) Bodybuilding advice.

23) Self improvement advice.

To me, anything I buy that helps me feel better, look better, enjoy life more or improves my life in some way qualifies as a personal development product.

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