No Permission Required

No Permission required for you. Just start doing what you want as much as you can.

No one is going to give you permission to have a good life. Most everyone is going to actively work to deny whatever it is that you want.

You know I am right. This same advice of boldy going after what you want is given over and over again. Yet it is ignored but billions of people.

It is only the people who go ahead and do what they want without permission that have the fantastic lives that we all want. They have all the success, while you are waiting for permission.

You have to do. You have to act. You have to speak up. You have to get your hands dirty. You have to fail. You have to be rejected. You have to go ahead and do things and face the music. You have to take the repercussions. You. You. You.

This going ahead with no permission has to be your way of life.

I just self published 6 books on Amazon Kindle. You can learn about these books here - My Amazon Author Page.

But I do not care if you buy these books. I would love it if you did. But it is your money to spend on what you want. Besides 2 of them are free for giving me your email address.

My point is that I did not ask for permission to write these books or create this website. I did not ask permission to quit my job and interview for a far better job. I just went ahead. I acted and moved toward what I wanted.

My job was not working for me anymore. So I moved to a better job. I went through all the enormous hurdles that people face when they change jobs later in life.

The biggest thing I ever did was to leave my wife. I did not ask anyone for permission to do this. The pressure on married men to stay with unsuitable wives is enormous. If you ask for permission to leave, no one will give it to you. Your wife certainly won't. The church will not. Your families won't. Your friends won't. Your counselors and therapists won't. The mainstream won't.

I moved toward treating myself with dignity and respect. I only want people in my life who treat me this way. My wife did not, so I left her.

No one will give you permission. Not even me.

If you ask for permission you will not get it. No one will say to go ahead and do what you want.

I am just telling you to go ahead with whatever you have to do.

If you need to do anything in your life, just do it. DO not ask for permission.

The old motto of going ahead without permission and apologize later is a better way to live. Either apologize or ask forgiveness.

You will have to pick your battles with this. If you build an addition on your house without a permit, the building inspector will fine you, force you to remove the addition and if you refuse, the cops will haul you to jail or kill you.

So don't do that.

Do what you want in a smart way.

What I really mean is go ahead with things that really matter.

Go after the women you want.

Eliminate the bad relationships you have. Even if it is your marriage.

Get a better job.

Write a book or books.

Start a part-time internet business.

Buy what you want whatever it is.

Eat and drink what you want.

Asking for permission is for children, not men. Men do. Besides the children who do what they want most of the time are the kids who actually have a good childhood. They do not worry so much about pleasing others and being a good little boy.

You can learn a lot from them.

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