Use Your Personal Development Plan
For Motivation

The reason I believe in creating a personal development plan is that it provides all the motivation I need to keep going.

If you cannot get excited enough to work on the items or areas on your plan perhaps you do not even want to achieve those results.

The plan provides the motivation. The plan is what you do. You just work on those items.

If you are unmotivated to do those things it probably means that those are things you do not really want or that maybe you want later. Maybe you want to concentrate on one or two area now and then come back to the others. If you find yourself spending too much time on things not on your plan, either your plan needs to be changed or you are dealing with some issues that need to be resolved so you can get back to your plan. If that is the case, your motivation is to close up the loose ends as quickly as possible so you can get back to your main goals - your plan.

I find myself doing that. I have had to deal with some issues that were not quite on my plan, but had to be dealt with anyway. I get frustrated because I am not spending more time on my plan, but by thinking this through, I can see that my life is exactly what I am writing about her.

My personal development plan is that I desire to:

1) Make my entire living from my Internet businesses.

2) Weigh my ideal body weight

3) Be muscular, fit and lean.

4) Have the perfect penis.

5) Have many relationships with beautiful girls.

6) Have great relationships with my family and friends.

7) Be free from stress and worry.

I just cannot work on all those things every day or even every week. Sometimes one aspect of the plan take priority. That is life. You deciding what you need to be focusing on.

For me, dating dozens of girls is not my highest priority at this time. Having a great relationship with my family is. I just took my daughter in. She ran away from her mother to live with me. Now, she is my priority. That is the main goal.

In order to take care of her better the other main goal is to continue to work on my internet businesses. Financial freedom is very important to me.

I do get frustrated at times regarding women. At times I do well then other things get in the way. Again, that is life. I have a daughter who needs my care. I do have to care for her.

As we get acclimated to living together, I am sure that I will be able to get back to the dating that I want. For now, I remain motivated to care for my family.

The main point I want to make is that if you are working on aspects of your plan you should be feeling good about what you are doing. If you are not you need to reevaluate your plan. Maybe something is off. Maybe you need patience. Maybe you need to try to rework your plan. It is your life and you are the one who should be happy in the living of it.

Motivation is the drive to do something. You should not need someone else to give you the drive. In fact, that is the entirely wrong way to think of it. We see this all the time. We see coaches driving there players to perform by fear, manipulation and praise. If you need a coach to instill fear in you to perform, you cannot honestly say you want to be doing that activity.

We see it in the military. The drill sergeants using mind control methods to will the soldiers into a fighting machine. Again, if this is what you need to do that, then it is not worth it.

The best life is just you doing what you are inspired to do without anyone barking orders at you, or using manipulations to get you to do something.

No one is standing behind me while I write this from my heart, soul and experience. That is the beauty of the internet, millions of people being motivated to add to the information superhighway without being forced to. This is the biggest thing since the Gutenberg press. There can be no doubt. The information available on the internet is mind blowing and consciousness altering.

It is so important and so needed in a world where still too many people think they do not matter.

Once you get to the point where you think you matter, you will have no problem just going for your goals. If you think you do not matter, you will thing you only have to help other people obtain their goals. That is all wrong. You can help them as you see fit, but your life is just as important as anyone else.

That is my motivation to write and work on my internet businesses, exercise my body and penis, approach and date women, get rich and have a rewarding relationship with family and friends. My personal development plan is exactly what I want to spend my time on.

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