Money and Values

Money and Values.  I think far too many of you do not really know what you want in life.  By not knowing what you want, you will never really get anywhere.  You will be pushed and pulled in directions that are painful to you.

I have just created a podcast explaining a simple way for you to explore what you really want to do in your life and how you want to live.  Listen below -

The main idea of this article and podcast is that you do your goal setting, planning and dreaming with a pen and paper based on receiving some normal money now, but just add a zero or 2 or 3 to the total.  You just received some money.  This is normal.  Now just expand your view of it to determine what you would do with 10 times as much or 100 times or 1000 times.

Start writing down what you would do. 

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Decide how much cash you would take out to carry around.
  •  What bills would you pay first? 
  • What debts would you pay down?
  • What debts would you pay off? 
  • What bills would you pay into the future?  
  • What type of furniture would you buy?
  • What clothes would you purchase?
  • Where would you go out to eat?
  • What types of groceries would you buy?
  • Would you go on a trip?
  • Would you set money aside for a house?
  • Would you set money aside for a car?
  • Would you give the money to someone else?

Do you see how thinking this way will help you to decide what you desire the most?

This is really deep thinking.  This is how you decide what you desire the most.  Avoiding thinking about this is not a solution.  When you avoid thinking about what you desire the most, you are not really living.   You are postponing your life.

I did this for years.  I thought that I had to take care of other people first.  I thought that once my wife was satisfied I would get to do what I wanted.  That never happened. 

You are just as important as anyone else.  What you desire has as much importance as what someone else desires.  Get what you desire down on paper.  Do this exercises and keep doing it.  It should be a playful fun thing you do.

What is more fun than planning out your life and deciding what you really and truly want to do?

I think there is nothing as fun.  I would rather do that than watch a sporting event or see a movie or watch television.

I find making lists of what I really want to be more inspiring than watching others do something.

Try this, it can be an eye opening experience.  It may take you in a scary direction.  You may find that the way you are living now is not at all the way you really want to live.

If that is so, now you know what changes you need to start making.

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