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You probably have an ideal lifestyle that you spend some time dreaming of or even better, you have it written down.

You sometimes catch yourself dreaming of this style of life and wish you could obtain it. Then reality sinks in and you go back to the way you always do things.

You need to stop that type of thinking and start living your ideal lifestyle right now. We only have now. You do not know what the future holds and the past is gone. You can start living now.

The way to do this is to just start doing the things and actions that are in your personal development plan. If your plan resonates with you, and it should, otherwise you need a new plan, you will want to be doing those things. You will not have to force yourself. You will not need massive willpower. You will not need someone else telling you to get busy or trying to motivate you. Your motivation will be you doing it.

The thing about changing your lifestyle to something more suitable for you is that it will be a series of small changes and at times, massive changes. You just relax into those changes, both large and small. You visualize and write down what you want to have, what you want to do and how you want to be. Then you start being, having and doing those things. You think about them. You visualize them. You do them.

You do not wait for a better time. You start now. You only have now.

My personal development plan is that I desire to:

1) Make my entire living from my Internet businesses.

2) Weigh my ideal body weight

3) Be muscular, fit and lean.

4) Have the perfect penis.

5) Have many relationships with beautiful girls.

6) Have great relationships with my family and friends.

7) Be free from stress and worry.

With this plan I just do actions related to these 7 items as often as I can. I am always happy and motivated to do these things. I do not have to force myself to do them because I want to do them and I want the results from them.

I have set up my lifestyle around the actions needed. At this point I am still bound into doing a lot of things that I do not want to do. I still have a job.

I still need to lose weight. I still want a larger penis. I still want more muscles. I still want to go out with more women. I still want to get rich. I still want to continue to have a good relationship with my family and friends.

But the big thing is that I am continually taking steps on this plan. I am continually working on these items. If I find myself frustrated and irritated it is usually because I get sidetracked from my core lifestyle items. I may be watching too much tv with my kids. Or I may be surfing the internet too much. Or I may be dealing too much with my ex-wife. These are distractions from what I really want to do.

Now, life will throw us all curves. My kids may really want me to watch tv with them because it is something fun we can share together. I may be surfing the internet for ideas and inspiration. I may need to work out some issues with my ex-wife to keep her in a good state of mind. So, these decisions need to be made continually.

Again, there is nothing to stop you from creating a personal development plan that works for you and your ideal lifestyle and then just doing those things.

I read a great article recently from Michael Masterson. He described a friend of his who has cut way back on the wealth building business he used to do and has a lot less money to work with. The friend explained to Micheal how he lives a very rich lifestyle without spending a lot of money. He uses the money he has to acquire experiences that do cost something, but cost a lot less than the actual buying of something.

He talks about going out for a few glasses of wine or coffee at the best restaurants and enjoying that experience. Wine or coffee are far less costly than a full meal.

He talks about staying at a fine ski lodge for a long weekend instead of buying a second home at the ski hill.

He talks about buying the best bed he can find because he uses his bed every day and wants the rich feeling of being well rested and healthy.

He talks of imagining what he would do if he were rich and then doing those things.

I love that idea.

I plan what I will do, buy and experience when I am rich and then from that plan figure out a way to do some of those things now.

I think that when I am rich I will be healthy and well rested. I will nap when I need a nap. So I do that now. I will take a little nap when I get home from work. I will take naps on the weekends. I feel no guilt from doing this. I just feel good. It is something I imagine a rich man would do. He would take a nap when he needs it.

I think that when I am rich I will go out to a nice coffee shop with my computer and spend an hour or two doing some computer work, drinking good coffee and eating a really good snack. So that is what I do. Not every day but often enough for me to feel really good about it.

I think that when I am rich I will spend enough time exercising, sleep enough to feel good and eat well to try to maintain my ideal weight and my health. So that is what I do. I have decided that I, when I am rich, I will be healthy, fit and well rested. So that is what I do now.

I think that when I am rich I will not put up with people who are not good for me. I will avoid people who frustrate me and cause me nothing but grief. So that is what I do now.

I think that when I am rich I will buy the types of products that I most want. I will not buy things that are cheap. So that is what I do now. I make lists of what I want and get those things as money becomes available. I am patient and wait to get what I want, rather than impulsively buying things that are really not suitable for me.

These ideas are a lifestyle choice for me. I will live the way I want to live today. My future will be much better, but I want a better today.

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