Leave Bad Situations

The only good way out of terrible conditions to leave leave bad situations behind.

You do not have to stay and fight or stay and try to change conditions or muddle along or continue to struggle with an impossible situation. You can leave it behind. This is what the most self aware people do. This is what the most successful people on the planet do. This is what you can do too.

Your high school experience is filled with bullying, boredom and irritation. The only way out is the last day. You will leave. It is four years, but you will leave. It will end. Your life will start anew. If you are having a terrible experience in high school, hang on. Life will get better.

Your marriage is filled with anger, jealousy, fights and annoyances. The only way out is to leave. I struggled for years trying to make my marriage work. But this was all a waste. I could not make it work because it was unworkable. the only way I could put my life back together was to leave my wife and start to heal.

Your job is boring, stupid, not interesting, with low pay and poor benefits. You are stuck doing work you are not suited for that you do not enjoy. Every day is a struggle to get up and drag yourself there. The only way out it to quit and find something better.

Your father punishes you with intimidation and fear. The only way out is to leave. You need to leave as soon as you are old enough and never come back.

The small town where you live just had the only mine or factory shut down. There is no way to make a living. The only way out is to leave. You cannot change the fact that where you are has no opportunity. This is just life in a small town. If there is no way to make a living, there is no reason to be there.

The Nazis come to take you to the concentration camp. The only way out is to leave. When a big, bad government comes for you, you are at their mercy. This was a terrible time for the world. I hope this does not repeat, but I am afraid we are starting to see the signs again of this kind of attitude among government.

The wars on foreign lands cost billions of dollars a year. Money we just do not have. The only way out is to leave. Why we do not just leave these stupid wars behind and avoid all this senseless waste is a mystery to me.

Leave bad situations behind and improve your life.

The attitude of staying and fighting just makes no sense. Fight for your marriage. Fight for the country. Fight for your job. Fight to be treated with respect.

Why do you want to be fighting all the time?

A marriage should never have a fight. This is about as wrong of a way to look at life with someone you love there is. Get past all the ridiculous lies about marriage being forever. Leave bad situations behind, including bad marriages.

The unions fighting for benefits and higher pay and this, that and the other thing. It makes no sense. If the job you have is unionized, you are in trouble. The thing you are doing will end. If your job makes sense to the owners or management, you will make more money. Most of the time, it does not.

Staying in small towns with no opportunity makes no senses either. I know it can seem romantic to live in a small town, but the most important thing for the quality of your life is too have a fairly large stream of income coming at you. Maybe you can make a good income in a small town, but most of the time this is difficult. Why stay and fight if you can leave bad situations like this behind?

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