Fat Men with Hot Women

Fat men with hot women is possible.  I was at my son's powerlifting meet the other day.  He placed 4th in his weight class at the State meet.

The meet was huge with at least 250 lifters and at a packed gym.  It was a zoo.  The meet started at 9 am and finally ended about 6 pm.  It was an exhausting day.

What does any of that have to do with fat men with hot women?

Just this.

One of the lifters in the over 275 pound class way a high school senior who weighed 375 pounds.

Not 375 pounds and cut like a bodybuilder.

375 pounds and round in the middle.  375 pounds with huge thighs and a huge butt and a round face.  He was huge and fat looking.

But underneath all that fat were huge muscles.  He set meet records that day.  He was just a big, strong, awesomely powerful man who is only 18 years old.

Normally you would think a guy like that would struggle with women.  He would think that because he was so fat he could not get a girlfriend.  That he would have to wait until he lost of lot of weight to get with women.

Bu not him.

I walked by him toward the end of the meet and he was with a girl who was obviously his girlfriend.

She was not a big giant herself or a girl who was hard to look at.

She was kind of short, perfectly curvy, cute and sexy.  The kind of girl that I have always loved.  I love those cute, small, sexy girls.  The kind who you can pick up and put on your lap really easily.  I do not know why I married such a tall women.  Anyway, this giant, fat man was with this cute, sexy girl.


You tell me.  Here was a man going after his dreams of being a big time powerlifting and having a cute, sexy, little girlfriend.  He was not going to wait to do what he wanted and have what he wanted.  He was going to do both.

There is no need to wait.  This is your life.

You can get those good looking women even if you are fat.

Yes, it may be somehwat more normal, or somewhat easier, if you are leaner.  Leaner men have somewhat of an advantage.

But you do not want to wait to do anything.  You need to keep driving toward your goals.  You need to keep working toward what you want.

This guy has the huge frame, and natural power to be a great superheavy weight powerlifter.  He has giant muscles but a huge gut, giant thighs and a huge ass.  He is large. But he does not let that get in the way of being with cute women.

He uses his immense size to be the strongest man wherever he goes and some women will love that.

Some women will not. 

But he can move on to the next.

Just like you can.

If you are a fat man, you can keep moving toward the women you want.  You can do what this guy does and lift weights to become hugely powerful.  I use this program to easily become stronger and more muscular - 

Static Contraction Workout.

You can spend some time and energy toward getting leaner.  You can build huge, powerful muscles.

You can do that.  It can be done.

You know I am right on this.  We have all seen the big, fat football linemen with cute girls.  Cute girls do not want just lean men.  They are all looking for something different.  Some girls will want a giant man with big muscles who just happens to be fat.

Being fat is not a death sentence to having a great life.  You can do both.  You can make an effort to be leaner to make your life somewhat easier.  But you do not have to wait to be lean to have a good looking girlfriend.  You do not have to wait to be leaner to do anything you want to do.

You can just get going doing what you want to do.  Go after what you want no matter how fat you are.  Do what you want to do even if you are fat.  Have a great life now while you are fat.

Putting your life on hold because you are fat is no way to live.  Live life now, today.  Fat men with hot women is possible.

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