Fat Alpha Male

Yes, it is better to be lean. But you can be a fat alpha male while you are working on losing the weight. You will be healthier, you will look better, you will feel better if you lose weight and get lean. But you can be an alpha male right now, there is no need to wait.

You have to be. You cannot wait to live your life until you get lean.

For one thing, losing weight takes time. Unless you go on an extremely aggressive diet, it will take time. These types of diets consume your life, it is all you do. Most of you don't have the time, or desire to do such a thing.

No, you are busy earning a living, providing for yourself and your family and trying to have some enjoyment. If you decide to lose weight you can, but you will be doing it in a slow manner over time as it works into your life.

If you lose half a pound a week and you have 60 pounds to lose it will take 120 weeks or over 2 years.

Do you want to wait 2 years to live?

That is a stupid way to live. You want to live now, not after you lose weight, now, today, this minute.

You know you really want to be more of an alpha male. A man who gets more of what he wants. Just be a fat alpha male now working on weight loss.

Just because you are carrying too much weight does not mean you are less of a man. Fat man like sex too. Fat men want to be rich and live abundantly. Fat men like to enjoy life.

It makes no sense to say you will work on being an alpha male after you lose weight. You are wasting your life in that manner.

What you want to do is start improving your life right now with what you have. You change your mind from being a fat beta male to a fat alpha male on the way to being exactly how you want to be.

You can expect some snags along the way, but if you just steadily work toward what you want, you will succeed.

Here are some steps you can take to help:

1) Lift weights. Big muscles are the mark of a man. It is just better to have big muscles than small muscles. It is even better to have small muscles than no muscles. If you are fat it is critical that you develop some muscles. You have to lift weights. Look at some of the football lineman. They have huge guts, but they still look good with their massive arms and powerful legs. You cannot look good with a huge gut and small muscles. This is the most important step you can take. You cannot wait to lift weights until after you lose weight. That is backwards. You start lifting and then you start trying to lose weight. You need to have the big muscles to go along with the fat. Lifting does not have to take a lot of time. I use a program called Static Contraction Training. I lift at most, once a week, sometimes less.

2) Eat better. What you need to eat a lot more is meat, and a lot less carbohydrates. The evidence is clear that carbohydrates and sugar is what causes your weight gain.

3) Take steps to look good now. Get a haircut. Stay clean. Wear your best clothes. Buy some new clothes that work for you. Look into ways to look better like The Handsome Factor.

4) Do things you like and enjoy that do not involve food so much. Fat people's lives revolve around food. The reason is that food is a substitute for a good life. If you can substitute a good life for the food, it will not be so hard to lose weight.

5) Stop doing so many things that you can eat through. It is nearly impossible for me to sit down to watch a movie or tv without wanting food. I crave food when I watch. But I find it very difficult to eat when I am working on the computer, checking emails or surfing the internet. So I avoid all the watching to avoid eating so much. You cannot eat when you are walking or exercising. You cannot eat when you are doing something.

6) You need to see yourself as a handsome, attractive to women type of man. Not a fat man. This is critical. When you look at yourself in the mirror don't stare at your stomach. Focus on your better features.

7) Get out of relationships that hurt you. My marriage did not help me at all. I used excessive food as a coping mechanism. I think many men do the same. Your boring life, career you can't stand, loveless marriage and possibly even abusive marriage just make each day a pain to get through, rather than an enjoyable existence.

The common thread of fat alpha males is that they do not see themselves as fat, or if they do, they see themselves as great men first, fat at the bottom of the list. Do you think Rush Limbaugh, John Daly and football lineman see themselves as just a fat man? No, they rose to their great heights because of using their talents to their fullest.

You can do the same. By all means, work on weight loss for your health and even more confidence. But see yourself in a good light, with confidence as a fat alpha male on his way to a better future.

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