Eye Contact is
More Important Than You Realize
In Getting Women

This story will show you the importance of eye contact in meeting and seducing women.

My friends and I were going to the big college football game on Saturday afternoon. My friend and his girlfriend lived in the area so we met at his place early in the morning. From there we were going to go downtown to some other people's apartment to pick up the tickets and socialize before the game.

I did have a girlfriend at the time, but did not take her with me.

One friend was by himself also.

Another friend had his girlfriend along.

So it was me and 3 of my best friends from high school and 2 girlfriends for 6 of us in all.

We drove downtown, found a place to park, I think we had 1 or 2 cars. We went up into the apartment complex and met the people there. I do not remember all the people except for one.

It was my friend's girlfriend's boss. She was around 30, an attorney, very smart, very in-shape and very beautiful. Maybe a perfect woman.

Since I had a girlfriend I was not really looking that much at women. So when we met I just looked her in the eye when I shook her hand and thought nothing of it.

We all had a drink there at the apartment. We made our way to a bar to have another drink or 2 before the game. We watched the game and then went out again to the bars after.

I was just having fun with the guys. We drank and laughed and joked around like we always did and hopefully always will. It was just a great day of fun. The only difference was that my friend's girlfriend's boss was with us.

I did not really get why. She was, after all, a high powered attorney, beautiful, smart, super sexy. Why was she hanging around us small town boys?

After awhile I found out why. She wanted me. She had her eyes on me. She just stayed by my side the rest of the day. I finally went home with her to her place. We made out and had wild, passionate sex all night.

I finally asked her in the morning why she wanted me so badly.

She said, as soon as you looked in my eyes and held eye contact when we met, I wanted you. She said that was it.

I have never forgot the importance of eye contact with women since then. If you do nothing else, just practice looking women in the eye and holding the look until they look away. The more you do this, the better you will get at it.

You will get so good, that meeting women will not be hard anymore.

Eye Contact is just so vital in all your interactions. I know it is difficult. I have struggled with it all my life. It is so difficult. You always have to think about it. But that is why it is so important. It is something you have to work on. It needs to be a part of your life.

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