Easy Personal Development

Is life meant to be a struggle? Why? You can use easy personal development ideas to make you happier.

I was led to believe that happiness was overrated and that life should be difficult, hard and a struggle. That type of thinking is hard to overcome.

So many people tell and relate their stories about how hard life is and how unfair it is and how everything goes against them.

But does that have to be the case for you?

Can you start to work on easy personal development ideas to make your life be exactly as you want it?

Why not? You deserve it, don't you? YOu deserve as good of a life as anyone else. You matter. You are not on the planet to serve and obey and live out your life toiling away at something you do not like.

You just need to step back a little from what you are doing and observe your life. If things are not going so well for you at the moment, you have to determine why.

You know that famous Einstein quote - "You cannot solve a problem with the same awareness that you created it." Or something like that. What that means is you have to be a little bigger or smarter or more self aware to rise above your problems to overcome them.

In my case my biggest problem I had was my wife. I tried making my life better by trying to make her life better. I did all the things they say to do. I talked to her. I reasoned with her. I used logic. I appealed to her emotions. I loved her more. I tried to be more understanding. I tried to do what she wanted.

But none of that worked. She still verbally abused me. She could not stop.

By staying with her the problem could not be solved.

But I did solve it by leaving her.

That was my solution. You will not have a good life is your marriage is no good. You have to rise above the massive problem of a bad marriage and leave.

What if your employment is shaky? What if you get laid off for a week or two here and there? What if you do not really even like what you do? What if what you are doing seems to be something that will not be needed in the future?

The easy personal development solution to this problem is to move toward something else. Look for other employment. Start a side business. It is not that hard to start and internet business like this one if you use Solo Build It. They handle the hard technical matters.

What if you are in over head in debt or with a too large of house payment?

The easy personal development solution is to bankrupt for the debt and walk away from the house.

It does cost some money to pay an attorney to do the paperwork to go bankrupt. So stop paying your credit card bills for a few months to accumulate enough cash to pay the attorney.

Walking away from a house is not that hard either. Just quit making the payments and use that money to pay rent. Your rent payment needs to be about 1/4 to 1/3 your normal house payment for yout to actually feel the relief.

Walking away from your house is easy. The banks know what to do. You do not really have to do anything except get your stuff out and leave.

Those are massive situations to overcome but they are easy to do. Here are some day to day easy personal development tips:

1. Stop following the news, sports, gossip and celebrities. How can you make improvements to your life if you are worrying and thinking about these people? You want your life to be as great as possible. You want the celebrity lifestyle. You will not have that if you concentrate on them. You have to concentrate on you.

2. Get organized and de-clutter. You need time to do anything of value. The easiest way to obtain more time is by organizing your life better.

3. Stop doing things that you do not want to do and that give you no real enjoyment or no real self improvement. I stopped going to church, for example. I got nothing from it and it wasted a lot of my time. I don't vote. It is just pointless standing in line to vote for a different power mad crook. Why do you need anyone to represent you? Can't you just represent yourself?

4. Realize that you matter. You are not here to be told what to do. You are not here to be pushed around. You are not here to be a whipping boy. You change your mind on this. You start loving yourself. You look at yourself in the mirror and smile. You forgive yourself. You say that you are perfect the way you are.

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