How do You Best
Deal with Difficult People?

The best way to handle difficult people is to practice avoidance. If you think about it, avoiding trouble is the best way to go about life. Unless you like drama, chaos and problems. If you like irritation, frustration, pain and misery then seek out, find and spend lots of time with problem people.

This does not mean to live timidly or in constant fear.

It means to avoid situations, circumstances and people you know in your gut are not good for you.

With me, dealing with my ex-wife is something that the less I do, the better off I am.

It does not matter why she is being difficult. It only matters that she is difficult

It is not my perception of her. It is her. She is the problem.

The reality is that she is a difficult person.

When we were married I tried all the things you are supposed to do when you are dealing with a difficult person:

I tried understanding her.

I tried listening to her.

I tried communicating with her.

I tried reasoning with her.

I tried loving her more.

I tried to be more assertive.

None of this worked because she is just so difficult.

I should have just left her right away as I talk about in this podcast:

In the end the only success I have had in dealing with her is to have left her. Now that I am gone, most of my time is good. I still have trouble with her from time to time and I worry about what she may say or do, but for the most part by avoiding her, my life is vastly improved.

Hopefully, you are not living with a bad wife. If you are the best thing to do is to leave her as soon as possible.

Life can be hard and frustrating if you do not handle the basics well and if you do not find ways to avoid problems.

Here is a list of potentially difficult situations that you will agree are the best to avoid:

1) Arguments with your spouse.

2) Aguements with your ex-spouse.

3) Getting stopped by the police.

4) Traffic accidents.

5) Getting in a physical fight.

6) Signing up for long term contracts.

7) Running out of gas.

8) Running out of money.

9) Running out of toilet paper.

These little problems make your life more difficult. The easier and less stressful your life is the better it is.

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