Courage and Action
For a Good Life

A good life takes courage and action.

Maybe not the type of bravery you would need on the battlefield when the bullets are flying. Besides, I think it is more courageous to question why there even needs to be a battlefield anymore. Some of the real heroes are the people in the 1960's rioting and protesting the war in Vietnam. Unfortunately the generals learned from this to not draft anyone. Now they just keep millions of people stupid and stupidly patriotic to fill the ranks. Why anyone thinks going off to kill brown skinned people is patriotic is beyond me.

Forget the history books and the murderous wars started by madmen. What kind of a decent person starts a war anyway? Not decent is my answer. I am not really angry at the soldiers. To me, most of the soldiers are just simple guys. The men who are not so simple will rise up through the ranks to be in charge of the killing. These are the people we need to worry about. We do not have to worry about the ordinary soldiers. We need those guys for doing whatever work needs to be done.

They do not have to be hired killers, they can do something of value.

The real problem is that there will be a fairly large segment of the military establishment that like to kill. That is the real problem. Those are the guys who rise up through the ranks to decide on the killing.

But for now, let's think about your life today. What qualities or attributes do you need to make your life better?

I believe you need a courage to do just about anything of value that is outside of your comfort zone.

You need some courage to talk to a new woman. Maybe you need some liquid courage but that is alright. Use enough of that to get you started until you can approach women without the aid of alcohol. Maybe you just need to decide that you are a great man and as a great man you deserve to spend time with a great woman or women.

You need courage to apply for, interview and get hired. Most of the time they just do not walk up and give you a job. My son just got hired for his first part-time job at sixteen. I was extremely proud that he did everything to get this job. I did drive him there, because I know the roads, but all the effort to get it was his.

It takes courage to leave a person behind who is no good for you. Staying in a dysfunctional relationship is the easy way of dealing with it. The better way is to leave. I left my wife and my kids learned from my example to leave their mother.

It takes courage to expend the massive effort required to make huge changes in your life. You may need to lose a huge amount of weight to just get to a healthier point. You may need to leave a loveless or abusive marriage. You may need to leave a bad parent. You may need to end a sour friendship. You may need to leave a bad job. You may need to take in a child or parent that really needs you.

You may need to question all your old choices.

It took massive courage, or desperation for our forefathers to come here. They did not let a huge, dangerous ocean stand in the way of their dreams. They took action.

You can do the same. You probably do not have to face dirty, insect infested, crowded, smelly hull of a ship for months on end. Your troubles you need to work through may not be that bad. Or they could be worse. You may be in a violent relationship that is a seconds away from death. Use those seconds to get away. You may be on the brink of making a decision that may haunt you for the rest of your life.

These massive changes and questions will severely change how you look at things. It takes courage to look at something differently than you used to and that everyone around you looks at things.

The way to become more bold is to consciously make choices that improve your life in the direction you want it to go. You decide what it is that you want to do and then you take steps toward that. Action, and sometimes massive action is the key.

Think of it the opposite way. How will you ever lose weight by continuing to eat way too much junk food and never exercising? How will you meet a woman or more women if you do not do the approaching? How will you get a job, or a different job or a better job is you do not get busy with the steps necessary? How do you start a business, or plan a trip or have some fun? How do you clean your house, get organized or do anything else of value without the time and effort?

You do not do any of those things.

The action is what is needed. It takes a lot of effort to write articles for this website. It takes time and energy to have a web based business, hold down a full time job, care for 2 children and work on my other interests. I am not complaining about all this because these are all things I want. I want my life this way at this time and I am working to make it better.

You just start taking action in the direction of your desires. Some people say to take inspired action which is action based on something that inspires you. That is a wonderful idea. If something inspires you, you can just go with it. You will get in the flow.

Whatever method you choose to take action, that is the key. Action in the direction of your desires will translate into courage.

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