Contact Lenses Are br>The Easy Way to Be More Handsome

The easiest way to be more handsome is to wear contact lenses. This simple step will improve your life in a huge way. Some personal development steps take time to see dividends. Not contacts. You will look better and feel better the instant you start wearing them.

In order to look good wearing glasses you have to do everything else perfectly. Perfect haircut. Perfect facial hair. Perfect clothes. Perfect watch. Perfect body.

It is too hard. Nobody is that perfect. If you are you probably would not be looking for information on how to look better.

That is why it is far easier to just wear contact lenses when you are out and about. You will look better instantly.

You can still wear glasses to give your eyes a break from contacts. You should make an effort to buy more stylish glasses.

The biggest hint on glasses is that they should not be too large or too colorful. Leave those to the ladies. You will want to wear them at home in the morning and evening. You may even want to wear them to work once in awhile.

But think of it. You might happen upon the woman of your dreams during your work day. You really need to think of this. It is better to always be looking your best, that way you are always ready for whatever it is you are looking for.

The problem with glasses is that they make men look nerdy, dweebish, old and without any sense of style.

Your glasses will always be sliding down your nose and you will be continually have to be pushing them up. They will get filthy and smudged and fogged up. Plus this pushing them up will make you look odd. This is one of the nervous mannerism's that you should be taking steps to stop doing.

Since your ears and face are not symmetrical, your glasses will sit at an angle on your face.

I just bought new glasses and have been back to the optician to get them adjusted at least three times.

I want them to sit in the way that I want on my face. The optician keeps insisting they look fine and refuses to adjust them the way I want. She keeps saying they are perfectly straight.

I look at my face and see that the glasses are straight on my face but they do not sit in relation to my eyes and eyebrows properly. Maybe she is afraid of breaking the glasses if she adjusts them too much. Maybe she thinks they look fine. Maybe she is secretly taking delight in making me look bad and enjoys giving me a hard time. All I know is that I spent nearly $500 on these glasses and they do not look right.

It is so much easier to look good and feel good about yourself with contact lenses.

I remember how much my life improved when I first got contacts in the summer before my senior year in high school.

Up until them them I considered myself ugly. I had worn ugly type glasses since 5th grade. I even had to wear the big, black sports glasses.

It was sad to be so ugly at that pivotal time in my life.

Getting contacts shifted my life for the better in a huge way.

Finally I started feeling good about myself. People actually commented that I looked good.

I could play sports, do physical work and be active without the glasses getting fogged up and sliding down my nose. Sweating was no big deal now, like it was before.

For the first time in my life I felt good and liked how I looked. Getting contacts was one of the best things I ever did. It made an immediate impact on the quality of my life. It was huge.

If you have never worn contacts they are not that big of a deal to wear. I just bought a years worth of them for $170. Once you have put them in and taken them out a few times it becomes easier and easier to do this quickly. It does not really add that much to your schedule.

This change to your looks will be huge.

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