How to be a
Confident Fat Man

Is it even possible to be a confident fat man? Aren't fat men lazy, unmotivated, sloppy and lacking in self esteem and without much confidence?

Yes, fat men can be all these things. Some of you are. Of course, there are millions of lazy, unmotivated, sloppy and lacking self esteem lean men too. It is not just about being fat.

But, you can also be a confident man getting busy with living and making improvements to your life.

You do not have to wait to get thin to have a great life. You can start right now having the great life that you deserve.

Why you are not a Confident Fat Man

In fact, part of the reason you are fatter than you want to be is because you are not engaged in your life doing the things you want.

Think of it this way. You overeat junk food as a way of escaping and finding some pleasure in life. Your life does not have that much goodness to it, you are not doing the things you want to do so you eat more than you should to try to at least have the satisfying feeling of the food.

What you want to do is start to find the things that you love that do not involve food or at least involve food that is more healthy and less fattening. We need to eat to survive, so food, to me, is a harder problem to solve than smoking, drinking or drugs. You do not need to smoke, drink or drug to survive like you need food.

That, of course, is the hard part. Finding what you love to do that does not involve eating. Up till now, eating is probably what you love to do the most. You are good at it. You are an expert. You can find food anywhere. You can get lots and lots of food for cheap. This is a good survival skill, but a skill that is making you fat now.

I do not have the answers to getting thin yet. If I did, I would be thin, not fat. But I do know that the reason I overeat is not because I am hungry and not because I am a gluttonous pig.

I overeat because I have issues. Deep seated emotional issues that I am working through. I want to be a confident fat man.

I have so much that I want to do but don't do.

I want to do so much, but can't. I cannot afford to do what I want. I do not have the time or the freedom or the money.

I tell myself that I am working toward the money, time and freedom that I crave so much, but these things are not manifesting very fast.

So in the meanwhile I eat. Not as much as before. I am aware of my demons after all. I am baring my soul right here. If you are honest with yourself you will agree that you are a fat man because of what is missing in your life, not because of what is there. You are not fat because of an abundance of food. You are not fat because of cheaply available junk food and mixed up ideas on what you should be eating and not eating. All of that is just the symptom, not the problem.

The problem is what is missing. The problem is what you have to find out and eliminate. The answer to eating less and being lean is to find the problem and solve it.

I know all this sounds like gibberish and a riddle. It sounds this way, because it is a riddle, a riddle for your to solve.

No one else can make sense of your life. That is up to each man.

With me, I have always used food as a crutch. It is my escape. It is my stress relief. It is my drug. It is my bottle.

I do not smoke dope, or shoot heroin, or sniff cocaine or drink that much. What I do is eat.

If it was possible to overdose on food, I would have done that. In the deep despair leading up to me leaving my wife, I was eating non-stop as much junk food as I could possibly eat. I was hoping to die. If I would have drank an equivalent amount of alcohol or taken an equivalent amount of drugs I would be a dead man, no question. The pain I was trying to escape was so intense. I was living in a hell on earth.

But that was then, this is now. I escaped her wrath by walking away. By walking away I have been putting my life back together

I know I need to eat less. I know what types of food I need to eat to get leaner and more fit. I know what types of food I need to avoid.

Logically I know all this. We all do. The information is out there. You can see it on yourself in the mirror when you do eat less and more healthy. You can also feel it when you eat too much. Logically you know what to do. But eating too much is an emotional problem, not an intelligence problem.

It is not easy to stop massively overeating. Junk food and overeating is a way of life. It is easy and it is cheap. It is often free.

But it is a disaster for you.

Confident Fat Man Considerations

You are here looking for ideas on how to be a confident fat man. Here are some things to consider:

1) Stop thinking of yourself as a fat man. Think of yourself as a masculine, alpha male. Instead of thinking that you are a fat man, think of yourself as a big man. Fat is a cruel word meant to ridicule and demean. Big is just an accurate description. Being a big, strong man is what you want to be.

2) Think how a masculine, alpha male thinks. A confident fat man, no, a confident big man will do what he wants just like any other masculine male would do what he wants. You can approach the women you desire. You can plan your life in the way you want it to be. You can start to do the things you want to do.

3) Act as an alpha male would act. Don't put up with the grief that others put on you. If your wife is miserable to be with, leave her. If your job sucks, quit or at least start looking for another job. If the people that you hang out with give you a hard time about your weight, don't hang around them.

4) Take care of yourself now. If you are not exercising at all, you can start. You can start by walking. You can start to eat less immediately. You can start to buy healthier food.

5) You can keep yourself clean. You can be well scrubbed when you go out. You can get haircuts more often.

6) You can do simple things like growing your facial hair. Facial hair always makes a man look more masculine. It is fun, it looks great and more manly. Plus, the act of taking the time to trim your beard and try new looks is empowering. You need to spend time on how you look. You do not want to shave your face every day up to your hairline. That is a boring, milk toast look for old men and politicians. You want to stand out with an interesting look.

7) You can throw away the clothes that make you look bad and only wear what makes you look good. You can start to shop for better clothes. A confident fat man, or any confident man will spend plenty of money and whatever time is necessary finding good looking clothes. Your looks are a function of your clothes.

8) You can even overeat once in awhile. You do not have to feel guilty for overeating once in awhile. You can feel gratitude that there is so much food readily available. Knowing it is readily available, you can start to eat less more and more often.

You can be a confident fat man by just starting to think and do differently. Change your mindset to I am a big man in charge of my life. I am going to do everything I want to do.

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