Money can Buy Happiness

I always fly into a rage whenever I read or hear someone say money doesn't buy happiness. Money can buy happiness and anyone with any sense knows it.

This stupid statement is uttered over and over again by idiots who find earning money difficult.

The saying was started by people with money as a way of getting the people with less to give them as much as possible.

The money the poor were giving to the kings, the royalty, and religions were making the receivers happy. The receivers were buying happiness and the poor were just dumbly going along with it.

It makes no sense when it is so clear that money does buy happiness.

We see evidence constantly that people with plenty of money are far happier than the ones who don't and that the most miserable people in the world are mired in poverty and lack.

You can see this in your own life. When are you the most happy? Probably payday I would guess. That is the best day of the week for me. The next best days are when I get money from my websites or from unexpected sources.

The worst days are the ones before a normal payday when I am almost out of money. Doesn't that seem to be the case for most people?

Just because idiots all over the world parrot their stupid nonsense about money cannot buy happiness does not make it true. It is just another stupid way to try to force people into believing something that is not good for them.

Your life gets better the more money you have flowing toward you. You can do more. You can eliminate stress and anxiety. You can buy more of the things and experiences that make you happy. You can be more generous to the people closest to you and to anyone else you are inspired to be generous to.

On the flip side, you can see that the less money you have the worse your life is. The less money you have the more you will struggle, the more stress you will face, the more you will not do things you want to do, the more you will have to defer important things to you, the less generous you will be to others.

On a even more serious note, the more likely you will die from lack. And the less money you have the more likely you will resort to crime to get somewhere.

It is the lack of money that causes all the bad things in the world, not the having more of it.

Money does buy happiness. There is nothing that you want that you cannot buy with an excess of money. I defy you to name anything.

You cannot meet someone to love if you are too poor to go out and even meet someone.

You cannot take care of yourself well without enough money to do so.

You cannot be happy living in squalor where you are barely existing.

You cannot have any fun because everything that is fun costs at least some money.

It costs money to go out to eat. It costs money to go out for coffee. It costs money to have a few drinks. It costs to travel, to have a decent car, to have a good home, to buy clothing.

It costs money to leave a wife who is not good for you.

It all costs. The saying money does not buy happiness is just a way to more easily separate you from your money. The ones in power want you to easily give them a large chunk of your money without them working too hard to get it.

If they need to nearly kill you for your money, they aren't going to want to do. If all they do is have your employer without a large percentage, then that is easy money for them. If the stores tack on sales tax every time you buy anything, that is easy money for them. If you are constantly told to give to charity, it is easy for them.

The more people you are caring for the more you need money to even provide a baseline subsistence level. That is why it is so critical to not have too many children unless you are very rich.

Someone told me about a family that had 19 children. This family lived in the same area where I grew up. How can one man support 19 children unless he was rich. That man was not. The family lived in tents on the edge of town until the town gave them an abandoned cheese factory to live in. The children all had lots of problems in their lives. This is what you would expect when the parents cannot provide even the basics.

A father cannot be happy unless he is caring for his children well.

Any man will not be happy unless he is doing the things he wants to do.

Plenty of money is what you need to have any kind of a life and to buy happiness.

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