Boldness Pays
You Know it is True

Boldness pays off. With women and life. Not even the most handsome, rich, most famous celebrities will have the women they really want without approaching.

No, as a man, you need to approach. You need to be brave, you need to get over your approach anxiety. You need to be the man.

It you are not handsome, rich or famous, you will have to do all the approaching. If you don't you will be stuck with only the women who approach you or more likely, no one. That is no good.

What you need to do is just to go after what you want.

This is why you drink. Drinking is liquid courage to encourage you to do the things you want to do.

This is why I love to drink. Right away when I started drinking in high school my life improved.

I went out for the first time to a drive in movie with some friends. It was my first drive in movie. It was also the first time I drank beer. I only had 3 or 4 but it was enough to feel good. It was the spring of my junior year. I approached my first girl and got my first kiss and made out with her for quite a while. It was the best night of my life up to that point.

I loved the taste of beer and loved how it made me feel. I could say and do all the things I wanted to say and do my whole life.

It was living as a man for a few hours. It was a life changing time for me.

I boldly:

Accepted the invitation from my friends.

Told my parents I was going.

Accepted the beer.

Talked to people.

Talked to the girl, kissed her and made out.

It was being a man of action.

This is how you want to live your life. It is exactly how I want to live mine.

I could have declined in any of these circumstances. I had been timid up till then.

I could have told they guys I couldn't go.

I could have thought my parents wouldn't let me and not told them.

I could have declined the beer.

I could have not talked to the girl.

I could have not kissed her.

I could have not escalated to being more physical and making out like a fiend.

But I went for all of it and succeeded in a massive way to make this the best life of my young life. The decisions I made that day have made the rest of my life far superior to the life I was living up to that point.

Boldness always pays off and is the cure for a substandard life. You can get off the sidelines and into the game. You can get the things you want, say the things you want to say and do the things you want to do.

Moving your thoughts, your desires, your talk and your actions toward what you want will pay off for you. There is no way to have a great life without being this way.

Of course, society is set up to try to keep men in their place. You are constantly lectured at that being brave and doing what you want is a mistake. They are continuously trying to make men less than a man.

The laws are all in place to keep you timid and afraid.

Very low legal limits for drinking.

No smoking allowed.

The drinking age is very high.

You are guilted into not drinking.

The cost of alcohol is very high.

There are all kinds of sexual harassment laws.

All these laws are in direct conflict with living a great man's life.

You are worried about DUI's so you do not drink that much or that often. You do not really have that much fun because of the worry and the high cost.

You never really get loose and have fun.

You cannot even drink legally under 21. Instead of high school and college being a fun time of enjoying alcohol in a controlled bar setting, you are stuck drinking illegally and always in danger of getting caught.

Even all the commercials and TV shows show men being timid rather than bold. They show men being stupid, goofy, acting like girls and kind of gay and generally not like the man you really want to be.

If they are trying to get my business, they are not succeeding. I see what they are doing and am sickened by it.

I am sickened by it because I know the difference in my life when I am bold and when I am not.

When I have acted in the way I wanted my life has been great. When I pulled back, did not act with confidence or been timid my life sucked.

The great thing about boldness is that you can choose to be this way at any time. You do not have to phase into it or take some classes or get trained, you just start.

You can walk out your door and start doing bold things immediately. You do not need anyone's permission, only a different mindset.

It may seem strange. In fact, if you have spent a lifetime not being this way, it will be very strange. But just because it seems strange does not make it wrong.

I believe that the saying - the meek shall inherit the earth - was started to keep men like you in your place. It is harder for other men to keep you down and in your place if you are not meek. You being bold adds to the competition for woman and every other great thing in life.

But that is not how I am. I am encouraging you to get out of the rut you are in, to live boldly and to get whatever it is out of life that you want. I do not believe in all the excess competition that is constantly shoved down our throats. There is enough of everything for all of us.

Truthfully you may start out timid, rise up and be more like a man and then slide down to timidity again. That is basically my life. I was a timid kid, learned how to live as a man would live and spent most of many years being bold part of the time.

Once I got married, I became more timid. As a man, you are basically forced to become timid the longer you are married. Only the strongest men with the best wives and a lot of luck stay confident being married.

I found enough confidence to leave my wife and now I am working on my boldness as a single man again.

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