Leave the Bad People

You cannot have a good life if you are with bad people. This should be obvious, it should be the most important aspect of your life to concentrate on.

Unfortunately, it is not.

Most of the time everyone apologizes for people who are bad.

They say stupid things like:

--Well, he had a bad day.

--Life is tough.

--Give that person some slack.

--If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

--Forgive and forget.

I just get sick of this continual stream of garbage being forced down out throats.

Even the bible gets into this when it say to turn the other cheek after someone hits you.

What nonsense.

Isn't it better to duck from being hit and then leave a person behind who tries to hit you? Why would you continue to be around a person who thinks it is acceptable to hit you?

When people treat you poorly in a manner that hurts you, it does not help you.

It only takes from you. It takes your time. It takes away your good natured-ness. It takes your innocence. It takes away your ability to be loving and kind.

It does nothing good.

You absolutely must find a way to escape from bad people. You must be able to spend large chunks of time alone if you have to.

One negative moment with a bad person wipes out hours of good. If the negative moment is bad enough it can wipe out a lifetime of good.

Think of it this way.

Say a man is a good and loving husband. He takes care of his wife and family. He has a good job. He provides. He does chores and errands. He listens to his wife. He loves her. He cares for the children. He is even a good lover to his wife. He does this for years.

But then he comes home one day and beats his wife. For whatever reason he hits her and hurts her.

Do you think that one horrible moment like that wipes out years, or decades or even a lifetime of good.

You damn well better believe it does.

One horrible incident wipes out all the good and renders any future good null and void.

You cannot justify the bad ever.

That is why it is so critical to not let the bad in and to leave at the first sign of badness.

This ability to run, to walk away, to leave is the most important attribute you can develop.

Of course, the actual doing it is the hard part. We are ingrained from an early age to never quit, to stay, to grin and bear, to tough it out, to wipe some dirt on it, to not air the dirty laundry, to be loyal no matter what, till death us do part, to stay in the family religion, to vote for whoever your parents vote for or the union says and to be patriotic to wherever you were born.

All this garbage is just a way to brainwash people into staying in whatever negative situation they are in.

The best way to get out of a bad situation, a bad relationship, a bad anything is to leave. All other solutions either do not work or are so incredibly difficult that in the end you want to leave anyway.

Staying in a bad marriage will just deaden you soul. It is far better to live alone, treating yourself with dignity and respect than to live with a partner who treats you with any disrespect.

Staying with an abusive parent is heartbreaking.

Staying anywhere that is not good is no good.

What do you do when violence breaks out where you are? Don't you just leave?

What happens in a flood? You move to higher ground.

What happens in a war. You need to get the hell out of there.

All these terribly bad things smart, aware people leave from.

If you are smart and aware you will take the same approach with the terrible situations and people you are in contact with.

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