Awareness of the
Power of Repetition

Awareness of the power of repetition is one of the keys to having a good life. Just as repetition of something good is the way you obtain your good goals, it is a way to destroy also.

In my case, my wife was criticizing me often enough that I just expected it. The repetition of her criticism embedded into me that I was less.

In her mind, her criticism of me was warranted because I needed it. She needed me to improve in some way that was more suitable to her.

But instead of me being more like she wanted, I became depressed, despondent and resentful of this treatment. I became less confident and less of a man.

She wanted me to be more of a man and would say things to me trying to push me into what her ideal man would be. But, when I was told all my faults, and how I was messing up, and what I should be doing and not doing, it affected me because I wanted to be how I wanted to be. I wanted a woman who would love me, for me, not how she wanted me to be.

She hurt me through her words and actions.

Chances are that some of you reading this will relate.

Your wife or girlfriend will be constantly telling you how to be.

Telling you what you are. Telling you what to do and how to behave. She will think it is her right to to this, by virtue of her sleeping with you.

Her doing this is a huge mistake.

This is what ruins untold numbers of lives.

Aware men will not let this happen to them.

Aware men leave at the first sign of this.

A great women will not do this.

You must think so highly of yourself that you will not spend more than a few minutes of time with a woman that criticizes you. She has no right to be this way to you. Once a woman has chosen to be this way to you, there is very little chance that she will be able to change.

I know this is not what you want to hear. You want to hear that with enough love, patience and understanding on your part, the woman you love will eventually come around and be a supportive, loving, non-critical person. She will love you as you are not how she wants you to be.

This does not happen. What is more likely to happen is that the more she criticizes you, the more she will be critical of you.

You may think, well, if I just shape up and do what she wants this one time, she will be happy and get off my back.

This type of thinking is just a loser's game. It will not happen this way. She will criticize you. You will respond by trying to do what she wants. You will not do it exactly the way she wants and she will criticize again.

This cycle of bad behavior will continue. It will repeat over and over again until you either leave or die. There is no in between.

I believe that you need to have the awareness to realize that a woman who is this way is not good for you. No matter how beautiful she is. No matter how sexy she is. No matter how much money she makes. No matter how many children you have. No matter how much you love her family. No matter how many mutual friends you have. No matter how much you go to church.

None of that matters.

What matters is you and your life. You are not here to be criticized by a woman that supposedly loves you. Love is not critical.

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