Avoid Stupid Things

You can do better the more you avoid stupid things. It is hard to believe that some people can even stay alive.

The story of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin fits this idea.

Why any sane person, or non-stupid person, would volunteer to be on a neighborhood watch is beyond me.

How can you protect yourself and your family if you are out of your home walking around at night in a bad area? If the area is not bad, then walking around at night should not be a big deal enough to carry a gun.

You can't protect your family if you are not home. If you have no family there is no need to do anything. Why don't you get busy enjoying your life? All you are doing is asking for trouble. Trouble is not something you want to look for. Trouble is something to avoid. You avoid trouble as long as you avoid stupid things.

If you live in a bad area, instead of cowering in your home, living in fear, buying guns, worrying constantly and joining neighborhood watches to become a quasi criminal yourself, why don't you just move? What is the sense of living somewhere where you are afraid?

It is so stupid to keep hearing all this sob stories of how bad people have it in these bad neighborhoods. Why don't they just leave the bad neighborhoods?

I saw a documentary of the area of Los Angeles called Watts. The area grew very large in the 1940's and 1950's because there were large car factories located there. Lots of people could enjoy a good life with all the high paying jobs available making great cars. Then later in the 1960's the factories closed until now even the buildings were razed. The people who lived and worked there did not leave after the jobs were gone.

It is beyond stupid. If there is no way to make a living where you are at, you have to go somewhere else. The only reason they were there in the first place was for the jobs. Once the jobs are gone, they have to go.

But they stay year after year, eking by on small money. Drugs, gangs and violence are the order of the day.

If you were there seeing the violence on a daily basis, wouldn't you think that this is a terrible place to be? You don't even have to have children to realize this. There is no reason to stay somewhere where it is no good. I do not care if you have bought a house or not. Just leave the frickin' house. A house can be a prison if you think you have to stay. Avoid stupid things and leave bad areas filled with crime and not opportunities.

When I used to go to Catholic Church with my wife when we were married, the church we belonged to had a sister parish in Tennessee. The priest from Tennessee would come to our church 2 times a year to give a sermon and talk about his church.

His church was involved with relocating a large group of Mexican families from Mexico to his town so the Mexican fathers could work in the local factory.

The factory thrived for a time and then had to shut down operations and laid off all the workers including the Mexicans.

So the priest came to our church to beg for money so he could give it to the Mexicans.

I sat in these sermons in a total rage. I was almost ready to get up and leave.

The blind, power mad arrogance of this small town hick priest was almost enough to make me scream.

I will give you some damn money you thieving, conniving bastard if you buy bus tickets for those poor people to actually go somewhere where there is work, is what I thought. How can he expect those people to have any kind of a life at all living on welfare from the church I was in? How can he not see that? If he had any kind of compassion, or sense, he would help those people go somewhere with opportunity, somewhere where they are needed. Instead of coming up here with his begging hands out, why doesn't he start a factory or a farm or a business that actually employs someone. A stinking church hardly employs anyone. Most people who work around the church are volunteers. The only one making a good living is the priest.

Why would I help you keep them in misery living in a place that is backward and no good?

When you find yourself in a bad situation, the only solution is to leave.

There is no other way to avoid stupid things. I left my wife. My stupid thing was believing that she would start to be nice to me and treat me in a way I that I would like. I stupidly told her this and begged her to. I reasoned with her. I talked to her about it. I told her what I did not like.

But I was stupid to think that she would change. Why would she? She liked being bad to me. It was the way she was. I learned to avoid stupid things and left her.

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