First Step to
Attract More Women

The first step to attract more women into your life is to be around more women. This is the secret that no one ever really talks about that much.

I discovered this secret because I can clearly see how my love life has suffered for most of my life because I was rarely around women.

I believe that this happens to millions of men. How can you do well with women and have any hope of having a good relationship if you are hardly ever around them? How do you attract more women and meet new women if you never see any? How can you have any type of a life with women if it if the vast majority of time you never are around women?

I wondered why I did so poorly in high school with women until I actually counted how many girls and how many guys were in my high school class. There were 42 guys and 32 girls. Most of those girls either were not interested in me or I was not interested in them. How can a man enjoy spending time with women if there are no women to spend time with?

I went to college at a predominantly engineering school. There were not that many women. There were 5000 students and I think the ration was 75 % men and 25 % women. The odds for the men there were staggering. Most of the men on campus spent what little free time they had drinking heavily with occasionally episodes of vandalism in order to cope with the lack of sex.

My jobs in engineering have been mostly with men. There have been so few women in the workplaces I have worked as to be almost none.

So the majority of my time, and probably yours, is spent away from women.

Now, you have to factor in your free time. Are you around women that much?

I know I am not. There is time sleeping. There is time getting ready for work. There is time going to and coming from work. There are the chores and errands you need to do. There is the relaxing that you need to do to recharge.

Is is any wonder that most men are not around women. There is just not enough time.

A better model to attract more women is to structure your life in such a way that you are in contact with them on a continuous basis.

You need a career that either is in constant contact with women or that takes so little time that you have plenty of time do get out more. Most jobs are not like this at all. It is 8 hours a day minimum, usually a lot more. There is time to get there and go home. There is the time you need to prepare for work. It takes a lot of time. You need a career or business that does not take up so blasted much of your time.

You need to live in an area where there are a lot of women. Some of the little towns where I lived were almost totally devoid of attractive women. It is much better to live in or close to a large city. Of course, not all cities are equal to attract women. Some cities are known to have lots of women, some not so much. The point is you need to have lots of opportunity with women to attract more women.

You need to have your life so well organized that the basic things that have to get done, get done with minimal time by you. You need a life, in short.

I saw this play out so many times in my young life. My friends and I would go out in the little town where we grew up every weekend and there would be hardly any women. We would roam from bar to bar and from town to town trying to find a place where the women would be. It was almost as if the women would only go out a few times a year. I finally deduced that the women in my little hometown could not be found because they were not there. They went to the bigger cities. They did not like the boredom of the little towns. They only came back to the little town on holidays and special times of the year like the annual summer festival. These times of the year were great for finding women. Otherwise, most of the year was really lame.

Whenever my friends and I would travel to large festivals in the larger cities there would be lots of women to mingle with, meet and possibly even spend time with. Women love excitement and action.

They do not seem to like to sit at a little bar and drink themselves into oblivion. They may go to these little bars from time to time if they are on the path from a much more exciting festival or party.

I just cannot stress this enough that if you want to attract more women you have to put yourself out there where the women are continuously.

Instead of blaming yourself for your lack of women and ruining your self esteem look at the reality of how you spend your time and where you spend you time. The reality is that there are not that many women in little towns or the country. The reality is that the cities have all the women. The reality is that you have to be in the cities and you have to be out and about a lot more.

I know you may not want to hear that. You want a simpler, easier solution. But it does not exist.

I do fine when I get out and make it a point to spend as much of my free time in places where women are. I do horribly if I do not. I never meet women sitting at home and not even scanning the dating websites. I never meet women if I go to places where there are only men. I never meet women if I barely spend any time in places where women are.

This getting out and doing things will help your confidence because the more you do this the better you will get at it. The more you talk to women the more comfortable you will be. The more social you are the more comfortable you will be be more social. All this builds on each other.

If you think of it in the opposite way you may even understand it better.

If your job takes a long time to do, say 10 to 12 hours a day, you will not have time of energy to do other things. You will just collapse at the end of the day trying to have enough energy to do it again tomorrow.

If you live in a little town or the country you will never see any attractive women because there are none. The women are all in the cities.

If you spend what little free time you have in front of the TV, you will never meet any women.

Anything of value to you, like how to attract more women and improve your love life is something that you will need to spend time on and examine why things are the way they are. Start with the simple solution of being around more women to attract more women.

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