An Alpha Male Does...

What does an alpha male do differently than regular men.

I have been reading about this and thinking about this for years.

Most of my life I have spent not as an alpha but what is termed a beta male. I followed the crowd, did what I was told, did not make waves, tried to fit in. This type of lifestyle was pushed at me and I thought that is how I should be.

But deep inside something was gnawing at me. I wanted to live more. I wanted a better life. A more alpha male life.

I can remember incidents throughout my life that held the key to this alpha male type of living.

Most of my little glimpses into an alpha male life occurred when I was drinking.

People say that alcohol lowers your inhibitions. But I really think the alcohol just helps you to become more of what you want to be and lets the real you come out.

If you have a lot of deep seated anger from problems during your childhood, when you drink you will be a bad guy. The rage you have bottled up inside will come out. I have seen this a lot and this is what we all see a lot of. Guys getting drunk, getting in fights, being a jerk and causing and getting into trouble.

If you want to be a ladies man and get more women, when you drink you will be more charming, more daring, more bold and more fun.

That is really the only way I can describe it.

Why did I spend my my high school years not having any success with women before I started drinking. Why was the first time I really even talked to a girl and kiss her the same night I started drinking.

Why do I struggle with women most of the time. Why do I only meet women after I have had a number of drinks?

Why is it so hard to meet women outside of bars, parties and festivals where people are drinking?

Why could I have fantastic success with women a few times when most of the time I did not?

I think it was because I was able to exhibit the alpha male qualities that women love so much and cannot resist.

Why would they not look at me today but tomorrow when I was perfectly drunk, bold and a lot of fun, they had to be with me?

An alpha male does mostly what he wants. That seems to be it.

When you drink, you do mostly what you want. You say what you want to say. You are where you want to be.

When you watch the famous ladies man actors in their interviews they talk as if they are mildly drunk. They sit back in their chairs in total comfort and ease. They say outrageous things. They laugh and smile.

If you watch them through your beta male eyes you will get enraged about their behavior. How can those idiotic fools get all the girls, they seem so stupid? You think how could anyone fall for them, they seem so, so drunk.

You have to put 2 and 2 together to get it. They act that way because it is not an act. It is how alpha males are. They are cool. They say whatever stupid thing pops into their heads and laugh it off. If a beta male says something stupid, he feels bad for a long time afterward, maybe a lifetime. You don't want to feel bad about much of anything. You need to feel good about everything in your life.

That is perhaps why alpha males do so well with women. They feel good and this helps others around them feel good. It is not fear or respect of the alpha male. It is wanting to be near and be like the alpha male.

Who would you rather hang around with? A cool guy who women are drawn to, who laughs and jokes around and has a great life that is interesting to hear about? Or would you rather hang around with a guy who women cannot stand, whose life is a mess, who criticizes everything and whenever he talks it is about something boring or stupid or trivial?

I mean it should be obvious.

I had friends who were more alpha and friends who were more beta. I quickly discovered that I had a lot more fun and was around a lot more women when I was with the more alpha type guys. I started to learn and take on those qualities. When I was with my beta type friends, women were repelled. They just did not like those guys. They were my friends, but they dressed poorly, got obnoxiously drunk, had odd mannerisms and had hardly any charm with people. They were either clueless with women are boorish. The alpha types, on the other hand, dressed as well as they could at the time, were always happy and upbeat and people were drawn to this.

When I thought about my success with women I usually did much better when I was out with a few of my alpha type friends.

If you are out with some guys who repel women you will not do very good. Women know men quite well. They can tell if a guy is clueless. If you are out with more alpha types you will do better.

If you are a serious beta you will be enraged about all this. You will see you have spent a lifetime being stupid about how to attract women and bring the bitterness.

But you can change if you really want to. Some aspects of being an alpha male are not that difficult. You can quickly do some things to bring yourself up a notch or two.

Here are some easy ways to at least look more like an alpha male:

1. Care about your hair. I know it seems vain and stupid. But women care about a man's hair. Why do you think they swooned over the Beatles, love the stringy hair of rock stars, and cannot get enough of the teen idols? They get into the hair and the fame. You may not have the fame, but you can get the hair.

2. Get in better shape. It doesn't look to me as alpha males are all in perfect condition. But it does look like working out is a part of their lifestyle. They attempt to watch what they eat. They engage in some physical hobbies to have a baseline fitness. They lift weights.

3. Dress well. Again, this seems vain and stupid. But women care how a man dresses. An alpha male dresses well.

4. They are put together right. They dress for the occasion. They are clean and manicured.

5. Sit, walk and stand in a relaxed manner. They are not fidgeting all the time.

6. Be healthy. They sleep enough. They eat better. They exercise. They care about their health.

7. Be more relaxed and carefree about life in general.

These are just a few of the simple things you can do to be more of an alpha male. The big thing to do is to want to be alpha. It is a mindset shift. You have to understand that you have to change how you are to be this way.

You cannot just be you if you are not satisfied with how you are. It is too simplistic to say just be yourself. What if yourself is not good enough for you? The advice to just be yourself is totally wrong if how you are is making you miserable. If you are miserable just being yourself, what do you have to lose by making changes?

If you look at my little list you will see that these things are not that hard to do but millions of men do not do these things. Millions of men are in misery. What would it hurt to do those things. Make an attempt to look better. Get more fit. Get healthy. Live a more relaxed, carefree life. Even if you do make it to where you want to be, you will at least have a far better life.

The hard thing to do is to change your mindset of one of an alpha male.

You have to care about your life to the exclusion of others. I know this may seem callous and unfeeling. But this is really important. You will have a terrible life the more you want to please others. Your life will get worse moment to moment and day by day if you care about others more than you care about yourself. This is really not an easy thing to do. We are ingrained and taught to care more about others than ourselves. But this is the huge mindset shift you will have to take if you want to be an alpha male. If you cannot do this, you will never make it. An alpha male is me oriented, not you oriented. It is so simple, but so hard. You have to create your life how you want it.

If you honestly study this you will see what I am saying is true. Think about the alpha male type guys you know and how they really are. Get inside their mind and think how they think. Think about famous men with the fantastic lives and think how they think. Are those guys worried about others, about what other people think? Do they stay with women who are not good to them? Do they hang out with people who they do not like? Do they do things they do not like to do?

I rest my case.

They may feel bad about the misfortunes of others, but not much. They probably do nice things for others once in awhile. But mostly they are busy doing what they want to do. They are not hung up on doing what someone else says they should be doing. An alpha male decides what he wants to do and then starts doing that.

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