Alpha or Beta
Freedom or Slavery

Most men wonder whether they are classified as alpha or beta males. The only ones who don't are either already alpha or clueless. I used to be clueless, but not anymore.

Being clueless is not necessarily bad if you are happy with your life. If you are not happy, then being clueless will not help you.

I just read an outstanding article from one of my favorite dating bloggers on alpha and beta males. Here is a link to that post - Black Dragon Modern Alpha Black Dragon has a test to determine where you fit on his scale of alpha or beta male. I took the test and was not surprised to find I was in the beta male category. Most men will be here.

As a side note, I recently re-took the test and moved way up. I am quite pleased with the results. I feel far better about my life. The kind of information in that test will help any man.

You can use the test as a guide for making improvements to your life.

The thing that I want to add is I think it is also important to try to determine why you are where you are on the alpha or beta scale. What caused you to be a beta male rather than an alpha male. You want to be alpha so after going through the test you can see where you need to make improvements.

But to me, just as important is to think how you arrived at the state you are in now. This is helpful so after you make the massive changes to your life to climb up the alpha or beta scale and improve your life in a positive way you do not slide back down again in 6 months or 6 years from now or ever.

I think that most people on the planet are not interested in you becoming an alpha male. I think no one hardly cares if you do this good for yourself and they will actively try to keep you down. You will face lots of obstacles on this path to being an alpha.

One of the first ones you will hear is we can't all be alphas, who will be the betas?

That is just a stupid, shrill voice that you must ignore. It is not up to you to keep yourself locked down into a substandard life just so the status quo is not upset. Why does anyone have to be down anyway? What right does anyone have to keep anyone else down?

You will probably find that lots of people from your childhood tried to keep you down as a beta. Your parents, teachers, babysitters, siblings and friends all had an interest in keeping you in your place and easy to control.

You really cannot blame them. A male child is hard to deal with if he is always getting into mischief. It is far easier to keep you timid and afraid to get into new things than to be running around after you and cleaning up the mess you made.

So, you will have to forgive all those people. They did not know the importance to your life of alpha or beta. They did not understand how much they could have helped you become an alpha male when you were a child. They were only concerned with making their life easier. They were not trying to control you in an evil way. They were just lazy.

I know I found it a lot easier not to care for my small son. He was a handful. Keeping him afraid to get into things is a lot easier than running around after him. I think it is most caregivers interest to keep boys as timid and afraid as possible. That is less work for them.

Alpha or Beta, it is up to you

But now you are a man. A beta man, but still a man. There is nothing stopping you from undertaking things to help you become an alpha male. The only one who really stands in your way is you.

There are lots of others who will seem to get in your way. Your wife or girlfriend. Your parents. Your boss. Your church. Your neighbors. Your friends. The government.

All these people and groups want you to stay a beta male. They do not want you to be an alpha male. They do not care or even know about the difference between alpha or beta. It is a lot easier on them if you stay in your place. Your wife or girlfriend does not want you to be attractive to other women. It is easier for her if you are not tempted by other women. She will have to work harder to keep your affection. Your family and friends like you to stay in the safe box you are in. If you get rich and successful, they will be afraid of that.

Your church wants you to stay meek and mild so you do not question their teachings and continue obediently going to church and tithing.

The government especially wants to keep you in your place. If you never question them or their authority, it is a lot easier on them. Most of the government workers want you sending in your tax money and filling out their stupid forms for anything and everything. They do not want you to skip boxes on the forms and to question why the fees are so high and the regulations so strict. The government leaders will not want you to question what there purpose is and even why there needs to be a government at all. They do not want you to think that they are just parasites who have no value to add.

But that is not how I want to be. That is not how I want to live my life. That is the exact opposite of how I want to live and how I am going about my living now.

Alpha or Beta versus the Church

I do not bother going to church. It takes up too much of my precious time. It still irritates me how much of my life I wasted going to church. I do not want someone else telling me how to live and how to think. I do not need to feel guilt for something that may not have even happened 2000 years ago. I was not alive then, how could it have been my fault. I do not believe that I was born a sinner and that how I think is a sin. I have not killed anyone, stolen anything or hurt anyone. To me, that means I am good.

Alpha or Beta versus your wife or girlfriend

I left my wife. Her treatment of me caused me to be less of a man. I walked away from the lies that say a man needs to stay with his wife no matter what. You do not have to do anything no matter what. You do not have to stay with a woman who is not right for you.

Besides, the more attractive and masculine you are the better it will be for your wife or girlfriend. She will not understand it this way, but you will know. She will stay attracted to you and be more loyal, and less trouble, if she knows you have lots of options and can be with other women. The more she thinks other women are after you, the more effort she will put into making you happy. The happier you are with her, the more likely you will stay. It is a win-win situation.

Alpha or Beta versus your family and friends

You do not want to stay in the same place or act the same way just to please your family or your friends. It is your life. It has to be designed by you, created by you and lived by you. Just because you being meek, mild and a beta male is easier on your friends and family, does not mean this is the way you want to live.

Your boss, your co-workers, and even family and friends will not want you to change jobs, change careers or get into business either. They want you to stay the same. They will discourage all your efforts to improve your life. This is not out of cruelty, though it may seem so, it is out of fear and envy.

Your friends may not want to see you experience success with women. They may feel bad in comparison. But there is nothing stopping them from making the kinds of improvements you are making. It is your life. If more women is what you want, then you need to do the things that gets more women and let your friends do what they do. You can always point out your sources to them, as a good friend would do.

Alpha or Beta versus the government

As to the government, this is a little more tricky. They have the guns, the power, the jails, the police, the judges and the means to take everything away from you. They can fine you, tax you, jail you and kill you if you step out of line. You have to be cunning and sly with this. Not as a way to overthrow government, but as a way to have a better life. You cannot have the better life you crave if you follow every rule and obey every law. You live your life in a way that you want. Let someone else tell you about the supposed rules you are breaking, rather than trying to follow them yourself.

I often joked to my clients, in my capacity as a civil engineer, that if I were to follow every rule that the government has, we would not be able to build anything. My approach was to just design what the client wanted using sound engineering principles and let the government tell us no. Why should we limit ourselves based on rules in stupid code books?

Alpha or beta applies to every part of a mans life.

That it why it is so important for us to keep certain rights. The right to bear arms is really the only one that matter.

If the government goons are kicking down your door, you can fill up as many of them with lead as you can. They know that there is a segment of the population that is willing and able to do that. That is the only thing that keeps them in line. That is really the only reason America is as free as it is. It is, obviously, the only way we will remain free. Any other method is just hot air.

It is better to avoid all this fear and problems anyway. You know basically what will antagonize the police, so don't do those things. Those things are not that great anyway. You know they do not want to have to deal with drug dealers. They will deal harshly and with extreme prejudice. So don't do that. Drugs are not the answer anyway.

You know the politicians will get upset if you are organizing protests and rally's trying to embarrass the ones in power. The protests, marches and rallies are just an easy way for the police to cave in your skull. Now they have an excuse. I would rather have a few drinks, make some more money and make out with a girl I just met than get involved with a protest and risk a night in jail and a cracked skull.

You know they want to lock you up for drunk driving. So don't do that. As much as I love to drink and party, I do not want to have to deal with the police. If I don't have a ride, I don't drink that much. It is better to plan your drinking better so you do not have to drive drunk. Besides it is lot easier to stay alive and avoid accidents when you are not driving in a clouded state.

You know the government wants to steal as much of your money by taxes as they can. You have to be smarter than they are.

You can structure your earnings with business entities. You can avoid property taxes by renting or at least buying less expensive homes. You can live in a less taxed area. You can pay less sales tax by not buying so much or buying in a way that there is no tax like on-line, garage sales, auctions, flea markets or from private sales. You can do whatever you can to avoid taxes. You can live your life as well as you can in spite of the taxes.

You be be alpha or beta, it is your choice.

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