How does an Alpha Male Spend Money

How does an alpha male spend money differently than regular men? He spends his money on him not others so much. He does not have the guilt for buying for himself and he avoids getting into situations where he is stuck spending most of his money on others.

If you are reading this you you do not want to stay stuck in betahood or betaville or whatever it is that they call it.

When I left my wife, being more alpha was the farthest thing from my mind. I just wanted to escape the pain and torment she was putting me through. I did not think about other women. I did not think about what I would do with my life once I left her. I only thought about escaping the pain.

But that was then. This is now. Now I can see where the times in my life where I acted more like an alpha male, those times were great, grand times. Those times were the best. Those times are what sustains my memories and makes me want to keep on living to try to get back some of those feelings.

If you are searching for answers, you can start here and learn a little about how I been taking steps to make myself more alpha. When you have been stuck as being a beta male for years, or longer, you really cannot just jump to being a super alpha overnight.

What you need to do is start. You need to change your mind on how you want to be. You need to start to think of yourself as a powerful man in charge of your own destiny. You are not going to live the rest of your life as a beta always playing second fiddle to the alpha males and to being pushed around be everyone you come into contact with including women.

You want to be a guy who gets women. You want a guy who has a free lifestyle. You do not want to be pushed around. You do not want to live in scarcity. You do not want to be with people you don't like. You do not want to stay with women you are not attracted to.

You want the opposite of all that. You want a free lifestyle. You want to be in charge. You want good looking women who are not hard to deal with.

And you want to spend your money, that you have earned, that you have obtained, that you have attracted on what you want. An alpha male is busy buying things that makes him look better, that makes him feel better, that gives him experiences that he wants.

A beta male is busy buying things for others so they can have a good life. You do not want this.

You want to have plenty of money to do whatever it is that you want. You do not want to always be thinking what you cannot do because you do not have the money. You do not want limits. You do not want excuses.

If you think of something you want. You write it on your list to get. If it is not that expensive, you just go and get it very soon. If it is more expensive, you know you will get it, maybe not immediately, but you will get it.

I never thought this way before. I used to agonize over spending $20 or $30, sometimes less.

Being cheap is not good. But I was not really just cheap, I was afraid. Afraid that when I spent cash now money, I would ruin my future. I did not realize that the future is an illusion. That all we have is now.

That is why credit is so bad. It is ruining your future. You are buying something you cannot afford now, and saying you will pay for it in the future. You need to pay for things now. Debt can ruin you. Don't let it.

I still fall into the debt trap. I recently bought a new suit for a job interview. I also bought a new shirt and new ties. Since this was a nice suit, nice shirt and nice ties, it was very expensive. Nearly $900. I put this on a credit card. The bill has not come yet. I went to the interview but there was no job offer. I had figured that if I get a better job with more money the suit purchase would have been worth it.

Now I have a nice suit, shirt and ties, but probably will not have much of a need to wear them.

I would have rather bought a new laptop computer, virus protection and microsoft office. That is what I want most right now.

Plus I have a lot of other things that I want. Shoes being a big example, and a big expense.

An alpha male will be spending a lot of money on his needs. If you want to be an alpha male, start spending money on what you want. This is a huge revelation to me.

Spend your money on what you want. Spend until you do not feel the guilt. This may take awhile.

As you earn money, spend it on your desires. You may have debt you need to pay off. Pay it off in a manner that you can handle while you are buying things today that you want today. Of course, avoid using debt now.

Debt is bad because you are paying now for the past. You are still in the past. You do not want to be in the past. You want to be in the now.

The past is only helpful for learning and for enjoyment in thinking, reminiscing.

It is not helping you to be paying for things you bought long ago that you do not even use.

I am still paying the energy bill for the house that my ex-wife was awarded in our divorce that was foreclosed. The energy company will shut off the energy to my apartment if I do not pay that bill. I am still paying for energy used by my ex-wife over a year ago. She is not even there. My kids are not there. At this points I still owe almost $800. It is not a huge sum. I have made arrangements to pay it off over time, but it is still galling.

I have a big IRS bill to deal with too. I have the suit payment.

I have put to rest all kinds of other old bills, dealing with my past to come to the now. I have paid off my daughters braces. I have paid off the old medical bills. I have paid off a credit card. I have paid off an old gym membership. I have paid off an old plumbing bill from the foreclosed house.

Most of these bills have been caused by my ex-wife. It is very difficult to have control of your money if someone else has control of it too. That is why marriage and having joint accounts is so stupid. You lose control. Your wife will make your life difficult with money. Most true alpha males avoid marriage or arrange their marriage in such a way that he still has the life he wants.

It is rare to find women who are good with money. They like to spend on things you have no interest in.

My model life arrangements do not include a wife or even a live-in girlfriend. When you live with another adult you are always going to have to deal with them.

A better way is to live more simply by yourself in a way that is easily affordable.

I know having someone to live with seems so wonderful. We are shown this all the time on tv and movies. But the reality of that is that living with adults really sucks.

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