What are Alpha Male
Spending Habits?

Developing alpha male spending habits is crucial for improving your life, looking better, feeling better and attracting more women.

First let's look at how most men spend their money.

Non-alpha male or beta male spending

1. You work as an employee for someone and get all the taxes taken from your paycheck before you even get the check.

2. You get a bunch of other deductions from your check in addition to taxes.

3. You have a very large mortgage on a home too expensive for you. You struggle to make this payment.

4. Your other payments are really a stretch.

5. You spend a lot of your money on other people, so much so that you have very little of it for you.

6. You have so little money for you that everything you do buy for yourself is cheap, poor quality, inferior, poor fitting and shoddy.

7. The more you do this, the worse your life becomes. If just keeps going down, not up.

8. You spend hardly any money on entertainment, relaxation, travel and fun even though these types of things are the key to an alpha male spending to improve your life and make it worth living.

Alpha Male Spending

1. Your normal living expenses are very low compared to your income. You only need a small percentage of what you earn to live on. If your income is small, your living expenses are small. Your small income drives you to increase it so that you can live better. But you never spend so much on your living expenses that this gets out of balance.

2. You buy a vehicle that suits you. You don't get caught up in buying the cheapest, best gas mileage car. You realize that cars like that do nothing to make you feel better. You want a car you can be proud of. You want a car that suits your needs. You want a car that you like to look at. You want a car that is a pleasure to drive. You want a car that is big enough for your body. You want a car that fits whoever you have with you.

3. You buy good quality, good fitting clothes that make you look and feel great.

4. You buy things and products to improve your life in all ways. Personal development, dating, relationship advice, technology, whatever it is that you want, you get as money becomes available.

5. You save some money for the future but you don't go overboard on this, preferring to spend a good share of your money on things that help you now.

6. You feel no guilt for buying things for you. You have earned the money, why should you feel guilt.

7. You freely spend money on entertainment and fun. You feel great the more money you spend on doing things that you enjoy.

Can you start to see the different mindset from alpha male spending to beta male spending? A beta gets caught up in spending most of his money on other people. Even if he has some excess money to spend on himself he feels guilt for doing so.

You cannot enjoy your life this way because spending money to improve your life in any way, whether self improvement, personal development, educational, relaxation or enjoyment is how you enjoy your life.

There is no real enjoyment just giving and giving and giving to others. There is only real joy in living your life exactly as how you want it.

The most important person in your life, is you. YOU have to see it that way. It is not your wife you are have to please. It is you, you need to please.

If your wife insists on buying the best of everything that she wants with your money, leaving hardly any for you, you have to end the marriage. She will continue to suck you dry.

If an alpha male is married, his wife keeps her spending under control or contributes a lot of money to the household. If she then wants to spend on certain things it is because she earned the money for it or you, the husband, said it was ok.

Most men do enjoy providing a nice household for their loved ones. It is not that you have to heartless. But if you look at this deeper, you are not providing a nice lifestyle to your family, you are doing this for you.

You want the big house for you. You want the new cars for you. You want your wife and children to be well dressed, well fed, and happy for you.

It is still you.

When I was married I was the beta male. I did everything wrong in terms of money. I was able to accumulate a lot of money prior to being married. That was not the problem. If I would not have gotten married, I would probably be a millionaire or close.

But I just spent all my money trying to please my wife. But she is the type of person where no matter how much you give, she wants more. She takes.

I tried all the tactics to keep her under control. But all those tactics don't work in the long run.

The only thing that worked to stop her spending was to leave her. You might have to do the same thing if the money you are spending all your time and all your energy on earning is not your own. You have to start alpha male spending on what you want.

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