Do Women Love an
Alpha Male Face?

You know they do. That is why you are here.

What is an alpha male face anyway? Is this important? Why should you care? Aren't you just stuck with the face you have?

No. I believe you aren't stuck with anything. I believe you can improve whatever part of you that you want. Even your face.

I went to a meeting the other day and was amused to see most of the men had what I refer to as a milk face. They did not have the type of face that I am working on and that men who want to be alpha need to work toward.

Here is a rundown on the typical non-alpha male face or milk face (I love milk, by the way, this is not a slap at milk) that I saw from all the non-alpha guys at the table:

1) Clean shaved face. No mustaches. No beards. No goatees. No stubble. Not even a hint of sideburns. Not a hint of beard to be found. They wanted to blend into the surroundings. An alpha male does not blend in, he stands out. There were five of us at the table. I and one other fellow had the good looking goatees. My face was the most alpha because I have sideburns now to below my ears. You have to get it out of your head that you need to be clean shaven all the time. That is the wrong way to look at it. You want to look tough. You want to look rough. You want to look like a man. The rounder, softer and younger you look, the more this matters.

I will say that a too bushy beard is not the look I am talking about. I mean an under control type beard where it looks like you need to tend to it every few days. Not a mountain man beard where you leave it alone for months.

2) Glasses. With contacts so much cheaper than good glasses, this is just a shame. If you need more power to see just carry along some reading glasses to pop on as needed. That is what I do. I did have to futz with my reading glasses when I needed to study the plans. But mostly I just kept them off. I still cannot think of one movie I have ever seen where the leading man wore glasses. You just cannot look good with glasses, no matter how great they are or how much you spend.

3) Buttoned up shirts. I know you cannot go to a business meeting with your chest hair showing, but you can open up the top 1 or 2 buttons and have your clean, white t-shirt showing. This is such a more comfortable, open look. This is the relaxed alpha look. I like to try to keep my top 2 buttons unbuttoned most of the time. When I get out of the office and into real life I unbutton even more. One guy even wore a tie and we were all architects and engineers. Another guy wore a sweater over a buttoned up shirt. You need to open up and be more relaxed.

4) Puffy face. This comes from eating too many carbohydrates and not enough meat. You want to get leaner in the face which means eating right. Lots more meat and hardly any carbs. These guys all had the puffy face that is not good. Too much junk food and not enough heavy lifting. They can work a pencil and computer for 10 to 12 hours a day but not much heavy iron.

5) Pale face. This comes from avoiding the sun at all costs. The sun is free and is your friend. You just cannot have an alpha male face without being tan or at least some color. The problem with most men is that they all have day jobs so there is not much time for sun, only weekends. Where I live in Wisconsin the sun does not get out that much. It is just as likely to be raining and overcast on the weekend as it is sunny. I have made being outside a priority. If it is sunny, I get outside. I do whatever I can outside when it is nice.

6) Quizzical face. This is the type of face men get who spent years poring over plans and reports and worrying about minutia and things that do not matter that much. I know I used to care about this stuff too much. But after going through all the problems leading up to me leaving my wife, all this stuff does not matter that much to me. I would rather spend my time trying to develop an alpha male face so I get attract women easier. I would rather get busy making money and creating things of value instead of worrying constantly about tiny plan changes.

You want that tough looking face like these guys:

Arnold and Clint are usually clean shaven but they are so tough it does not matter. If you have a baby face, start growing your beard at least.

Do whatever you can to work on your head. Make yourself look rough and tough.

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