Can You Understand
That An Alpha Male
Buys What He Wants?

It is pretty simple what an alpha male buys. It is whatever you decide you want.

This is not a complicated algorithm or a theory. This is not the only thing an alpha male does differently, but it is an important shift in your life that is satisfying and fun.

An alpha male purchases whatever he wants, whenever he wants it.

A beta male spends the vast majority of his money on other people and what other people say he should buy.

You are the one working aren't you? You are the one spending your time, your energy, your life making a living. You are the one attracting money to you. You are the one people are giving money to. You are the one accumulating resources.

It is all you.

Why would you think that the money you acquire should go to someone else?

But that is what happens to most men. But not alpha males. An alpha male buys what he wants.

Just look at what a typical man does. If you are married or have a steady girlfriend, you will be spending most of your money on her and what she wants. You will buy the house she wants. You will buy the car she wants. You will buy furniture and home furnishings that she wants.

You will push all of what you want deep down inside until you do not even know what you want anymore.

If you have children, you will be spending most of his money on your children. Your wife will be the major cause of you spending all your money on your children. Private schools, camps, nice clothes, electronics, whatever your children want.

If you are neither married or with children, you will feel tremendous guilt for any money you spend.

An alpha male buys the house, cars, furniture and home furnishings he wants.

I know that even when I was doing well in the years prior to my marriage, I felt tremendous guilt buying what I wanted and often denied myself. I can still see the things I wanted and did not buy.

I put a lot of my money into savings, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. I then used all this money to buy my first house for my wife and have never been able to accumulate anything close to that since.

Instead of buying the car I really wanted at that time, which happened to be a new 4-wheel drive Ford Explorer. I bought the safe and lower cost Honda Accord. The Honda was a good car and served me well, but it was my second, safer and more sensible choice. I had the money for the Explorer. It would have been cooler, more fun and more me, but I settled for the Honda. I could not spend my money on a great vehicle that I really wanted, even though I could afford it. I was not thinking what an alpha male buys at the time. I only thought, what will other people think? That car is too much. The Honda will last longer, it is more practical. But you see even years later, I still regret it.

Like I said, I had quite a bit of money saved in various forms. I could have lived a little more lavishly at the time. But I was intent on stashing money away for the future. This future came and went with the money spent but not on what I wanted.

An alpha male does not think like that. An alpha male buys what he wants and will spend a large portion of his money on what he considers fun at the time. This could be a better, newer, cooler car that fits his personality and his lifestyle.

It could be a better place to live in a better location. When I was single I lived in a big City. I chose to live in a mid range outlying area. The area was fine. It was fairly safe and fairly convenient. But it was not fun. There were bars close by but not the ones I would go to and not ones where women would frequent.

I chose this area because it was less expensive than the downtown areas that were more fun and offered more nightlife. Since there was no nightlife where I lived, I only enjoyed this once in awhile. I would either take a chance on the drunk driving or make expensive arrangements.

The point is that if you are a single man who wants to meet women, it is better to live closer to where the action and nightlife is. It is so much easier when you can just walk to the best bars or if they are a bus ride or very short cab ride away.

I rarely bought the clothes that I looked best in. I always was looking for something cheap. If I ever did buy something more expensive, and of course, a lot better, I felt guilty for it and did not wear it that much because I wanted to save those clothes for the future.

I did not get my hair cut very often. So I looked great after a haircut, but as the weeks went by when I really needed a haircut, I looked shabby and unkempt. I wanted to avoid the cost of the haircut. An alpha male buys an inexpensive haircut as often as necessary to keep looking good.

I did travel somewhat but I did do it on the cheap. I know there were lots of times when traveling that I did not do things I really wanted strictly because it cost too much. I ate cheaply instead of in nicer places. I stayed in cheap hotels. I did not let loose and drink a little more to save the cost of alcohol. I did not go on the side adventures, tours or spend on the admissions to see great things. I certainly did not tip well. Worst of all, I did not travel as much as I wanted because I did not want to spend the money.

You can see that spending money on yourself is not only what an alpha male buys, but how to improve your life in a massive way.

Why do you think that continually denying yourself things is a good thing?

It makes no sense once you really think about it.

What is the sense of working, making a living, spending all that time and all that effort and not buying what you want?

It makes no sense, because it is not sensible. It only makes sense if you think poorly of yourself or are a beta male and are thinking like the massive amount of people think.

This is not how I am living anymore. I write out my lists of the things I want. I go to a lot of effort to make a living and I want to see and experience buying what I want. I want to buy what I want to buy and do what I want to do. I do not want to spend my money on other people. I do not want to defer my happiness to the future.

Of course, I do have children and care for them. It requires a lot of money. But along with taking care of their needs and wants, I also consider my needs and wants. I spend on all of us.

Besides, your children will grow up, make their own living and then buy what they want. If you give them everything when they are young, what will they do when they grow up? They will not have as much of an incentive to create a better life for themselves.

If they look to you as a model, they will feel the guilt to deny themselves also. They will continue down the path of feeling guilt for doing what they want with the money they earn. That is not right. But your children will learn from you.

My kids see me buying the types of things I want now and how happy I am when I buy those things.

As I earn money I buy things on my list. Each time I buy something I really want, I enjoy it thoroughly and am so grateful that I was able to cast off those old stupid, beta male, beaten down tired ideas of not getting what I want.

I am enjoying my life now. My life is great now. Each time I buy what an alpha male buys, things like nice clothes, information I can use to make my life better like looking better, a haircut, good food, a meal out, fitness club membership dues, my internet connection, rent in a nice place, gas, vehicle maintenance, drinks out, internet dating site access, fun of any kind, I am happy.

It is not money gone anymore to me now. It is money spent on making my life better. Buying what an alpha male buys is one step to being more alpha and a huge step toward improving your life.

You only have now. You have to find a way to enjoy your life now. You need to be able to spend a good chunk of your money buying and experiencing things now.

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