How to Afford Divorce

You want to leave your wife but think you cannot afford divorce. I have been there. This affects everyone. Even men with huge amounts of money. We hear all the time about how rich celebrities and sports stars are fighting over money in their divorce proceedings.

But you cannot let a lack of money keep you in a marriage you do not want to be in. That is all wrong. This is your life we are talking about. If you no longer want to be with your wife for any reason you have to leave her.

I write in my book - How to Leave Your Wife - that I had huge hangups over the money. I was already struggling with money paying for one household. How would I be able to afford two? But I left anyway. I pulled the trigger and left her.

It was difficult. It was expensive. It was messy and still is.

But I am far happier than at any time in my life. Things are going so well for me.

I did have tremendous support from my parents. They were at a stage in their lives where they were able to help me financially. They were able to provide some money for me so I could live in a reasonable manner. They did this out of love for me and my kids. You may find that your family will help you. The first few years after you leave your wife are the hardest.

You will have to cut down financially. You will have to watch your spending. You will have to find ways to make more money. You will have to re-think your spending, your saving, your goals, your entertainment, your housing, your everything.

But that is okay. This is your life and you need to spend most of your time concentrating on your life.

I have recently bought 2 books focused on living inexpensively in vehicles. I bought these books because I am very interested in inexpensive travel and these books are fascinating.

But they also could be used to live full time and very inexpensively. I wish I would have found them 5 years ago. I would have just done that and not have had to lean so heavily on my parents.

The first book is titled - Vanabode. This book was written by Jason Odom. He writes about how to travel and live in a plain white cargo van. He details specifically all the methods he and his wife travel for months at a time in the van. He describes how you can park for free. He even gets into how you can live right in your van and still just go to work everyday. This is a fascinating book and I cannot wait to get a van and start traveling.

Here is the link to the book -

The other book is by Robert Wells and it titled - How to Live in a Car, Van or RV. Mr. Wells described how he was having a very difficult time making ends meet after his divorce. He could not afford an apartment. He bought an old van and lived in it full time while still working a job and being around his children. This would have helped me so much 5 years ago. It may be the knowledge you need to leave your wife and get on with your life. Here is the link to that book -

You will have to find ways to live differently after you leave your wife. These books describe ways to live as inexpensively as possible. Once you have the vehicle there is no mortgage, there is no rent. You biggest expense will not be there.

This fear over the cost after the divorce and how to afford divorce is real. It is the main reason so many people stay in loveless and even abusive marriages. This is the reason for so much unhappiness and so much living day after day and year after year in misery.

It does not have to be that way. You can have a wonderful, joy filled life even if you think you cannot afford divorce. These books show a way to live at less cost and to live in a fun, cheap, adventurous way.

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