Daily Abdominal Exercise
For a Leaner Waist

This abdominal exercise works better than anything I have ever used to help you to be able to keep your stomach in and give you a leaner, flatter look. It is a very simple exercise that doesn’t take very long at all. You do not work up a sweat but you will feel it.

You need to do this nearly every day because it is the constant doing it that does the work.

It seems that once you have done it for a long time you will still feel that your stomach muscles are strong, the muscle is built, but you will start to lose that leaner, flatter look.

So keep doing it daily.

I have been doing this exercise nearly every day now for over a year and it is really starting to take affect. I can actually hold my stomach in at will now. I can suck it in even though I am 46 years old and many pounds over my ideal body weight. What mean is that I am carrying at least 30 or more pounds over what I want to weigh, but by the use of this exercise I can hold my gut in when I want to.

Most men never do this and that is why they get the beer gut look with a big, flabby belly hanging over your belt.

This exercise tightens your abs up and makes your waist much tighter and leaner.

It doesn’t make you lose weight. What it does is train your body to be able to suck in your gut. As you do this training you will start to be able to keep it in. Of course, losing weight will help as will lifting weights and exercise. But most men get that sagging gut because they do not consciously train their stomach.

This exercise starts to counteract a lifetime of having a sagging gut, poor posture and eating too much.

Again, this abdominal exercise does not help you lose weight. It helps you to have a more trim appearance. That is why I love it.

I do this exercise 5 days a week a few minutes before I eat lunch. I write it in my Planner Book as a To Do. Then I check it off when I am done. Again, it does not take very long and the results are great.

After years of not doing much exercise most mens stomachs are big, saggy and stick out. You do not have any ability to even suck in your gut. It is too big and you have no muscle strength there. With this exercise you start to be able to keep it in.

The Best Abdominal Exercise

Here it is:

It is called the 7 second stomach flattener.

1. Stand or sit tall and straight.

2. Breathe in and as you do that you suck in your stomach as hard as you can.

3. Keep the tension on your stomach.

4. Contract the abs as hard as you can. Your rib cage will dip down slightly and your pelvis may rotate upwards.

5. Breathe out making an “ssss” – this will cause inter-abdominal contraction.

6. Continue this for 7 seconds.

7. Once finished with the 7 seconds, keep your stomach in tight and repeat 9 more times for 10 reps in all.

8. Do not relax your stomach until completely finished with all 10 reps.

This is a great exercise to do every day. It is in the doing it daily and intensely that works.

It will take more than likely take months till you start to notice the affect. If you have never exercised your stomach muscles may be non-existent. But keep at it. It works.

Working out, watching your diet and concentrating on your body, especially with abdominal exercises is a lifetime endeavor. You just do not do it once and be done with it. Your life, fitness, looks and health is one of the most important things to you, or at least, it should be. If it isn't you need to change your thinking about it and start learning about flat stomach exercises and diet.

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