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How to Deal with your Ex-Wife

It Will Not Be Easy

How do you best deal with your ex-wife? Every interaction with her is a potential disaster. I have had to deal with her and the police on numerous occasions. I hate doing that. The only good thing is that the police know what she is about. A lot of them have even told me they see why I left her.

The best way to deal with your ex or any person you do not like is to not deal with them at all. That is why I left her. I could not deal with her anymore. The only way I could have a good life is not being with her.

Every time I do have to deal with her is a reminder of why I left and how much better off I am now.

The problem is that she comes into my life and disrupts it.

She is a manipulating woman.

There is nothing quite so bad for a man as having manipulating women in your life.

It does not matter who this person is either. It could be your wife, your girlfriend, your friend, your sister or even your mother.

I had a manipulating wife. Now I have a manipulating ex-wife. That is better but it is extremely hard to get totally away from her. She is now manipulating our son and it is hard to watch.

The good thing is that he knows what she is about too and he sets his boundaries and is tough about it.

I am doing what I can, but a mother is a mother. She is tough to dislodge out of his life.

I want him to have a good relationship with his mother. Filled with love and good times, but that may not happen. At this time I am just hoping that she does not wreck him permanently. She is just bent on destruction and there is not much you can do about her.

I find that if I do not have to have any contact with her, that helps the most. There is no way for her to manipulate when she is not in your ear, telling you her garbage.

She is the type of person who will drive the most mild-mannered person into frustration and rage. That is just what she does.

There is no one she is around for very long who does not wish she were gone, no one.

There is no one that can get along with her for longer periods of time.

She is a wrecking ball swinnging back and forth and wrecking everything in her path.

But she is just another manipulating woman.

Some women use various ways to manipulate men. Sex, guilt, lies and greed.

My wife used all kinds of means to manipulate me. Guilt was the normal way.

Verbal abuse, sarcasm, screaming fits all kinds of ways.

But that is why I left her. That is why you need to leave your wife and stay away from your ex-wife as much as possible.

You have to deal with your ex as minimally as possible. You have to be firm. You have to stick to your guns. You have to realize she will try to manipulate you. She wants to weasel her way back into your life and take over again. That is what she is.

You cannot let her. You have come too far. Your life is so much better now and you have so much promise. Life is just starting to be great. You cannot let your ex get back under your skin.

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