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Who Needs Security

Protect You and Your Kids

Why do you want to be in a position where you need security?

I just watched a bunch of movies recently. They were all action packed thrillers. They were fun to watch but the plots were lame.

One involved a singing star being protected by security. The other one was a mafia guy being protected by his entourage.

After I got done watching, it is like, why bother?

I cannot imagine a scenario where I would need to be protected. I am not a child anymore. I appreciated my parents and teachers protecting me as a child, but those days are over.

The mob guy had 3 big guys protecting him and acting as his entourage. I have never understood wanting an entourage. It is like you are buying friends.

The singing star had to be escorted into and out of the performance.

To me it is like, if what I am doing needs protection, why would I want to do that? It makes no sense. I would not want to deal with that at all.

Once a star is in a position where they need security, why not step away? You have it all, why bother with any more to the point where people want to hurt you. Can't you step back and just enjoy what you have?

Why would someone want to get involved in shady dealings so that an entourage is needed for protection? If you just keep things honest, there is no need for all that.

I prefer to just protect myself and my kids.

Your job as a father is to protect your children. This does not have to be that hard.

You can live in a safe area. If it is not safe, move.

You can keep your home and cars locked. It is not that hard.

You can watch your kids while they are small. The fewer kids you have the easier this is.

You can buy things that help you to protect them. This takes money, but that is what you do, earn money.

Some of the things a good father buys or does for the safety of his children:

1) Rent or own a home in a safe neighborhood that has no crime. It is not about the police. It is about the area. If the area you are thinking about has a lot of police, it is not safe. I do a lot of walking in my area for exercise. But the other benefit of that is I see what is going on. At this point, nothing is going on. The area is quiet and safe.

2) Drive a large vehicle. You cannot be safe in a small, underpowered car.

3) Do not have so many children that they are hard to care for. The only men who can care for a lot of children are rich. Poor men should not have children at all. Normal working men should only have one or two. I keep harping about this, but the evidence is overwhelming. The more people in your household, the more money you need. You just divide what you make by the number of people. It is a simple math problem. More children equals more money outgo. It does not get cheaper or easier the more children you have. Get that vasectomy when you are done.

4) Make plans on what you will do if something bad happens. How far will you go. What steps will you take.

5) Be healthy and well rested and strong. This helps you the most, but it also helps your children. You may need to take massive action at times, and you need to be healthy, strong and rested in order to do so. You do not want to be so run down from normal day to day living that doing something extra is a burden you cannot handle. You want to always be able to handle whatever life throws at you.

6) Encourage them to think for themselves and act in ways that are safe for them. Not in a government mandated way but in a way that makes sense. You can just remind them of the recklessness of others to contrast to their safer ways. Look both ways. Wear shoes on a bike. Don't drive with distractions.

7) If your wife is not good for you, leave her. I know this sounds terrible, but when your wife is acting in a way that is not good for you, it will hurt your kids. When I was married I was a shell of a man. I could no more protect my kids as ride to the moon on a bicycle. I could barely protect myself. She did not physically abuse me, but it was mental abuse. Her constant verbal abuse just pushed me further and further down. I left her 5 years ago and have been steadily building myself back up. My son left her 1.5 years ago and my daughter left her 1 year ago. If I would not have left, my kids would not have had a place to go. I do not want to dwell on this sad subject. You can read my story in my book - How to Leave Your Wife. But leaving a bad situation is the best way to protect yourself.

My kids learned from me that you can just leave a bad person behind. You do not have to stay and fight. What is the sense of fighting? A man is not supposed to fight his wife. Children are not supposed to fight their mother. You do not have to cross the street to pick a fight.

I believe in defending yourself and righting the wrongs. If someone takes a swing at you, duck and hit them back. If you feel the need, get guns and learn how to use them. Protect yourself. But that is not fighting, that is defending.

I did not want to fight my wife. I wanted her to just love me as I am. I did not appreciate her trying to mold me to something else when I was happy as I was. Her way of molding was not gentle, loving coaxing either. It was long lectures, extreme sarcasm, bursts of rage, profanity laced tirades and other forms of verbal abuse.

If your wife is anything at all like this, leave her and start putting your life back together. I did not want my kids to grow up thinking that a woman should abuse her husband and her husband has to take it. I cannot imagine my kids in the horrible situation I was in. I want them to have a wonderful life, not the misery I was in.

But I have put all that behind me and life is good now.

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