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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Here are some Fathers Day gift ideas instead of the tie.

I am not much for buying gifts. I much prefer to buy what I want for me. But a lot of people will be looking for fathers day gifts in the next few weeks. Here is what you should think about for the fathers in your life:

1) An Amazon gift card. I know a gift card does not seem that thoughtful, but men like to buy exactly what they want, not what you think they want. Shop Amazon Gift Cards - Perfect Father's Day Gifts

2) A gift card to the stores your dad normally goes to. The hardware store, the gas station, his favorite local restaurant. I love gift cards because they are easy to buy and I love getting them and receiving them because they are small and do not take up much room. A lot of times they come in a little case or package too.

3) Coffee mugs with pictures of his children on it. I had a picture of me and my young son on a coffee mug that I had at work. I treasured this mug and was heartbroken when the handle broke off.

4) Tools that he could use an extra of. Most men will buy the tools they need over the years as he needs them. That is really the best way. If you can afford it, buy really good tools that are of high quality and that will last. That being said, it does not hurt to have a few extra, low quality tools to place in strategic locations. So tools are not a bad gift. They are a great gift for young men. Shop Amazon Gift Cards - Perfect Father's Day Gifts

5) If the father in your life has a bad wife, you might want to get him my book - How to Leave Your Wife I know that is your mother or step mother or some kind of mother. But if the man in your life is not happy in his marriage, you can help him with this book.

You Matter

One thing a man should do is tell the people who want to buy him gifts what you want. It makes no sense to say something stupid like it does not matter. It does matter. Tell them what you want. Give them some options. These things do not have to be expensive. That it the reason that most men unselfishly do not say what they want. They do not want their kids to spend a lot of money on buying you gifts.

But if it is your money anyway, why not? Don't you provide your kids most of the money they have?

If so, why not tell them what you want? Shop Amazon Gift Cards - Perfect Father's Day Gifts

Hans Recommends

Womens Fashion Made Easy You can help your daughter look good by getting this book. It is an easy way for any woman to look better fast.

How to Leave Your Wife The book is my story of how I found the courage to leave my wife and get on with my life. Now that I have left my life has never been better. My kids have never been happier and more at peace.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation is an excellent audio program by Dr. Robert Anthony. I have been listening to it over and over again and my life is getting better in the process. I am starting to manifest good things into my life as a result of using this program.

My daughters Inspirational Story Sometimes a young girl knows what to do to save herself.

Single Dad More information from my website on being a single dad. Being a father is great whether you are single or married.

The Handsome Factor - This is a great resource for men, and especially young men to learn how to maximize your appearance.

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