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In This Economy

How I hate those words

I am sick and tired of seeing or hearing the phrase - In This Economy.

Aren't you?

You cannot look at any newspaper headline, either print or electronic without seeing it. It seems to be on TV all the time. I even hear it when I go to business meetings.

Everyone seems to assume that there is nothing anyone can do about the economy. Or they are waiting for someone else to do something or the government to figure out what should be done.

This is about as uninspiring a life as you can think of. Just sitting around and waiting for someone else to "do something."

I do not want to sit around waiting for someone else to do something about - in this economy.

I want to change my economy. I want to do for myself. I want to live now, right now. I do not want to wait for the economy to get better. I want my economy to be better right now. I am acting.

You can do the same.

There is so much need in the world. There always has been and there always will be.

There a countless good things. But there are more countless bad things that could be improved. Just look around at all the things that you hate and you will see opportunities.

Start with your own life. What is it about your life that you do not like. Start by working on those problems and solve them as best you can as quickly as possible. Once you start eliminating your own problems you start to see how freeing this is and how much better you feel about life and yourself and your future.

Your personal economy is no more than any other problem in your life. You improve it by acting on it.

If you have a toothache, you make an appointment with the dentist, see him and get the problem solved.

If you are out of shape, you join a gym, buy some workout clothes, schedule and plan your workouts and do the workouts.

If your job is suffering in this economy, you start looking for other jobs, or better yet, you start your own business. You cannot just sit around waiting for your boss to improve your life. You improve it. You can start a part time web business. You can do odd jobs for cash. You can sell things. This is vital to your life. Find a way to make a little more money. More money always helps, it never hurts.

If you have a lot of small things wrong in your life, you write all these things down and then determine how you will solve them and make plans to do so.

You do not just assume they will solve themselves. Your car will not repair itself. Your kids will not help themselves with all their homework. Your terrible relationship with your wife will not improve. You will not meet any new women without making the efforts to do so. You will not lose weight and build muscle without a better diet and weight training.

Action in the direction of your goals is what will make a better life. There is no other way.

Sometimes the actions you take will have an immediate effect. I just stopped participating in my ex-wife's cell phone plan. I bought new phones and a new plan for me and my kids. I hated being a part of her plan and being subject to that. The fees were sky high, but worse than that was I had no control over it. I took this action. It was way overdue but now that I have done it, I feel great about it and am saving a lot of money.

I recently dropped my ex-wife from my car insurance plan. This was long overdue also. I felt guilty about the insurance so was paying for her for far too long. This will save me a lot of money every year. Money I can use to improve the quality of my life and my children's lives.

This takes action. Not a lot of action, but hard action. I had to call my ex-wife and tell her when the coverage would be dropped. I had to contact the insurance company and tell them to drop her. It took some time and it is always difficult telling someone you are not going to continue to do something.

The point is that I took action in this economy to improve my life. I got caught up in the mass thinking that things will improve by themselves, we just need to wait. I was waiting for raises and things to improve at work. I am sick of waiting. I took action.

You need to take whatever actions you need to take to improve your life. There is no other way. You have to do it. You improve your life by acting on your life.

When you stop to think about how lame it is to wait for the government to do something it is insulting. Everyone knows that governments are incompetent, lazy, inefficient, corrupt and coercive. Everyone deep down knows that the government is not here to help you but is here to hurt you. So why do we expect that the government will help you in this economy?

Do you see how stupid it is to think like that?

The programs and projects that the governments are using to try to stimulate the economy are just stupid, simpleton ideas that do not really help.

Have you seen the types of projects that are being done all around the country? Most of these projects do not really help anyone but the big contractors who bribe the big politicians with campaign money. The contractors get the money to do the work. But they do not really employ that many people. Most of the work is done by machines with only a few people.

These projects screw up the roads for all the people actually doing something.

Then when the project is done, all they have really done is make the road a little wider and add new curbs. Is that supposed to help people? It is the equivalent of you tearing down an outside wall in your house and moving the wall outside an inch. It will be an expensive, messy, frustrating, time consuming project that when it is done will add nothing to the quality of your life.

The way to feel better about your life, improve your situation and get past in this economy is to take action on what you want to do.

Write down what you want to do. Write down your frustrations and irritations. Write down the bad things you want to end in your life. Write down the good things you want to happen.

Think about these things and act on them.

Only by acting on them will they come to you.

The important thing is not to wait to act. The important thing is to know that the order of how you do this is to act and then wait. It is not wait and then act. Nothing will get accomplished that way.

Ignore the pundits and talking heads and all the people on the street who seem to be waiting for someone else to fix this economy. Act, act and act some more on what you want to do. There is no other way.

If your marriage is falling apart, end it

If your body is falling apart, take steps to improve it.

If your job is in jeopardy, start looking for other work or start your own business or do both. Most jobs are still about 40 hours a week. Working on your own side business in your spare time is a lot more interesting than watching sports and television. I only watch television when I am extremely burned out. Then it is a pleasant way to relax and recharge.

If your house is being foreclosed, let it go gracefully. It is just a house. You can live in a smaller place for awhile.

If you are in over your head in debt, you can declare bankruptcy.

These things are all hard to deal with, but they can be dealt with. They can be solved by you with your determined effort and your persistent action. You just need to start the process and follow whatever steps are necessary to complete them.

Your economy will improve by getting out of debt through bankruptcy. Your economy will improve by letting your too expensive house go. Your economy will improve by getting a different job. Your economy will improve by starting a business. Your life will improve by leaving your wife.

You improve your life by acting on your life. You do not have to be subject to the millions who worry about in this economy.

It is better to be someone who thrives no matter what happens to the world at large.

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