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Forget about pleasing others

The traditional personal development advice seems to be centered on improving yourself so you can get more of something else or be of more service to others.

It is as if you do not matter in the equation.

They will tell you to:

1. Get more done, work harder and be more productive at work. This is fine if you like the work or it is a job you value. But what if you hate the job and it does not bring you any satisfaction and it hurts people?

2. Increase your leadership skills and therefore, get promoted and make more money. Again, fine if you like what you are doing and it is something of value.

3. Increase your muscle mass, get leaner, dress better and learn how to speak better to women and you will attract more women and have more sex.

Now I love to make more money and get more women, what man doesn't?
But you have to ask yourself if doing the work and going through the effort to do personal development is worth it just to make someone else happy.

Doing all the work to improve your career may make your boss happier. But will it make you happier if you are just getting better at something you do not really like to do anyway? Or worse, you get really good at a worthless job that is not even needed at all anyway. Where you go to just waste your life away.

Getting more attractive to women is fine unless you are only doing this to attract a woman who is not going to be good for you anyway. She may only be with you for your money and will take you for everything you have and make your life a living hell in the process.

What I am interested in is doing what I want to do for me and me alone. Not doing things that others think is right for me. Only what I think is right for me.

I have such a hard time getting excited about my career as a civil engineer. I never like to go to seminars, unless they have a free lunch. I hate taking mind numbing courses on the latest regulations that are inflicted on us and getting involved in boring engineering clubs and societies. To me, all this is just boring and stupid. I do not love it. I only am fairly good at it and like it enough. I did go to college for it. It is what I have been doing for over 20 years.

But it does not excite me.

It is satisfying to get work done. I like to do design work. I enjoy the creation aspect of it.

What I don't like is more. I don't like more than I do like. So I am not interested at getting better at my civil engineering career to get better at it and get ahead. To me, it is a career that is fine, but I want something else. I do not get up early to read about engineering. I do not stay up late to do engineering work. I do not think about it outside of work. I have a hard enough time thinking of it during work.

As to getting better looking to attract more women. I have lots of guidance on my website for doing that. I am as good looking as I can be given my age, weight and circumstances. But I went through an enormously difficult time with my wife and I am getting back into dating very cautiously. I am not interested in throwing my life away again on any one woman.

The thought of getting married again and going through that massive pain again is terrifying.

So if the women I meet or try to meet are not interested in me how I am right now, tough. I am how I am and I am happy to be that way. I am making improvements. Some are slow and steady, some come rapidly.

But if the only way I can get remarried is to get really rich and lose a tremendous amount of weight in a hurry, then I do not want that.

I am doing what I do for me alone. I don't care about doing better to make my boss happy. I do not care about anyone's opinion about me except for mine. I left my wife and I have never been happier. I do remember in the months prior to my leaving wondering about others. What would our family and friends think? I was more concerned about how my leaving would affect them rather than how I was being affected by living with her.

It was just a total sick situation I was in.

But that was then, this is now. I do not care what they think about my leaving anymore. I am happy about it and that is all that matters.

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